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  1. Enjoyed reading your final thoughts on the T200s - mine came in this past weekend and I got 11 holes in while chasing the sun on Sunday. Coming from a much, much older Mizuno MX200 iron set, I do agree with the sentiment that nothing will feel like a Mizuno - 'firmer feel, but not harsh' is the perfect way to describe my initial impression. Looking forward to playing with them - hope I come to the same conclusion as you.
  2. @GolfSpy_THV I've been following your posts in this forum, as I was fit for Titleist T200 irons back in mid-August; I should be able to pick up my order this weekend, so I'm excited to get the set in my hands and on the course! Based on your latest post, if you were doing a normal fitting, do you think you would choose the T200 as your iron of choice? For me it was between the T200, Callaway Apex 21, and the new TM P790.
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