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  1. 1 10 Handicap, Los Angeles CA 2 Mizuno JPX-900 Forged. 8 Iron distance 150Yards 3 I've only seen these irons on mygolfspy, in a couple articles Thanks! GP
  2. I liked the original AMP cover but I replaced it with the Puma Monoline cap head cover when they came out. It looks like the same design but the paint splotches look like they stolen it from the set of a Milli Vanilli video shoot! GP
  3. If this driver is anything like the AMP I'm currently using, Cobra has a winner for 2013.
  4. I'm using a Nike Procombo OS 2 Iron iron in place of my 5 Wood/ 3 Hybrid. I'm playing the Nike VR Procombo which I love dearly and I was curious about Tiger's VR-S 3 Iron (bent to a 2) that he was using at the beginning of the year so I searched and found that Dallas Golf was selling the Procombo OS 2 Iron (new in plastic) for $39, I figure I'd give that a shot before I special order anything. After having this in my bag for about 4 months, It's staying put! I typically have a very high trajectory on all my clubs (no putter jokes, please...but sometimes yes!) but this guy really has a boring,
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