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  1. I just found this from a golf buddy and thought I would share.... Stitch Golf is doing a 72 hour secret sale. I just placed an order myself and received 40% off of my entire order. Discount code: secret40
  2. These came in the mail today from the folks at Stitch golf. bag is now offically awesome.
  3. I have I had a set for about 3 months now( I may have purchased one of the first sets) and they have held up better than any other head cover I have purchased. I have some other wool and leather covers and been very disappointing. If you are in the market check them out. http://www.stitchgolf.com
  4. He spent a long time trying out yes putters at the SAS Championship.
  5. who has made more money of the I10 Ping or Lee Westwood.

  6. Has anyone else noticed that half of the Titleist staffers don't play Titleist putters anymore.
  7. I am working on a trip for Scotland this summer. Other than the big name Courses are there any courses that I need to check out.
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