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  1. A place I got some of my clubs fitted at offered to regroup my irons for free if I order the grips myself. Despite my best effort, I messed up ordering replacements. I somehow manage to order mid size grips. Now the regular grips are on back order. I looked at the recommended measurements and my hands fit the mid size, but I am still skeptical of something new. What are the pros and cons of a midsize grip?
  2. Sorry for my poor description. Pretty confident it is swing not equipment related, happens with other sets as well. I have too much spin with each of my clubs with a very high launch angle. I have a tendency to come over the top which doesn’t help but even when I am on plane the problems persist. My comment on distance dispersion: seemingly similar quality shots have a high variance in carry. For my PW it is ~25yds and that range increases with longer irons. If that prompts any ideas, any tips would be appreciated.
  3. I have an excessively high ball flight that lacks any spin control. It renders 9 iron through lob wedge useless in the wind. Even without wind, the distance dispersion across all clubs is really holding me back. Would appreciate any training aid recommendations
  4. It is a good thing it comes with a life time battery warranty because mine keeps draining the battery every 7-8 rounds… otherwise it is good for the price point
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