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  1. Love the topic. I have recently sold a 3 wood thinking I would "UPGRADE". Dumbest thing I did in a long time. I had the TM Burner 2.0 TP, stock regular shaft. Tried an M5 and hated it. M2 riding in the bag for now but is not much better. I went through a fitting for irons this past weekend and ended up trying to fill some gaps with a hybrid 25 degrees, and a 7 wood - all on the way. PXG - 0311 Gen 3 irons and the prototype hybrid and 7 wood. I liked both a lot, but we didn't make it to a 3 wood (hopefully still liking them when I play with them). I'm now very curious about the swing weights. D
  2. I see the PGA store has these shoes at 50% OFF. They were second in the 2020 ranking for spikeless shoes. Anyone out there tried these shoes? Comments? Suggestions?
  3. Thistle is a MUST. Highly recommend it. Any of the Cat Courses are pretty nice as well. Seem to always be in good shape.
  4. I was able to schedule a fitting while on vacation. Tomorrow at noon! Can’t wait.
  5. When you guys decided on the 0211 did you consider the other offerings. I’m interested in PXG irons as well, but open to the 3 series. Just wondering what you liked about the 0211s versus others. Thanks
  6. Hey folks, I am relatively new here. I live in Greenville, SC. I am a lefthanded golfer, 15 handicap. I am an equipment junky, but as you can imagine it isn't easy being lefthanded. No friends that are lefthanded to try out their stuff. I am interested in starting a lefthanded group that could discuss equipment. Any advice?
  7. Just wanted to comment on these shoes. Technically not in the bag, but certainly a key part of the equipment. I picked up a pair of the Sketcher Go Golf Pro 3s last season. I was in search of a spikeless shoe to amp up the comfort on the golf course. Let's just say these did the trick for comfort. So much so that I bought another pair. They feel like a good pair of running shoes or trainers. Two rounds of golf on a golf trip and my feet were still good to go. Rest of the body? Not so much. The one thing that I would say negative is the occasional foot slip if its damp. Say a little dew in the
  8. This may have been discussed here in the past, but I am relatively new. Just curious if anyone has actually benefited from any of these quick fix videos that are out there. I recently have been hit with several ads on these types of videos. I'm sure it's Apple and others listening to the fact that the season is really getting going and they hear talk of golf. One is TopSpeedGolf and another was from YE Yang's instructor. For me, I have never really given one of these a fair try. Just wondering if there are any success stories. Other than the paid Ads from them.
  9. For me it's rarely. At least with my Sand wedge. Once I found a wedge I love I have not replaced it. I tried upgrading a couple of years ago, but it hasn't worked out. The new one still sits in the garage. Just hard to replace the SW. My PW and GW I usually replace with a new set of irons. My irons are Callaway Apex Pros and the SW is an old Taylormade.
  10. I'm always interested in the new spikeless offerings. Comfort, stability and traction are so key with the spikeless offerings. Would love to try these. The ratings have them up there for all three categories I mentioned and the price is crazy low! Affordable for sure! I hear they run small, so I hope the adjustments are made for the volunteers. I enjoy my Sketchers and have recommended them, but I will say occasionally I have a slip with my back foot during a swing.
  11. Jim, Simpsonville SC Swing Speed 95 E6 Speed Tour X
  12. It's definitely my Taylormade RAC Sand Wedge. I try to buy a new sand wedge, but it never pushes this one out. Old and beat up! PERFECT!
  13. First Name/State or Country of residence - Jim, South Carolina Handicap - 18 Current irons in Play - Callaway Apex Pro 2019 The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 140 Thanks for the opportunity!
  14. Tier 1: Brooks Koepka Tier 2: Bubba Watson Tier 3: Webb Simpson Tier 4: Charley Hoffman Tier 5: Patrick Reed Winning score -13
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