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  1. I have the ZX5 and they are so good! Cannot recommend them enough. I was fit for them and they stood out over everything I touched. Feel and performance were better than the rest.
  2. Update - I used it all last fall and winter. Played several rounds already this year and it is still working like a champ! No issues. The other comments from the testers matches what I have seen.
  3. I know I am late to the party, but very interested to follow your journey. I have always thought the Mike Adams approach was intriguing. From time to time his stuff pops up, but you have ignited the interest again. I'm curious where you found someone to do the assessment on your swing. Thanks
  4. I have it at 8' from the ball and maybe6-7' ball to net. I adjusted the height to what I thought would take into consideration the height of the mat. I can try to get a picture in the next day or so. Thanks
  5. I'm struggling to get mine to register a shot in the net. I have it in the garage with the door open. I have it set on inside and short. What might I be doing wrong? Thanks
  6. My suggestion would be to work with a professional fitter on the gaps. In general the 5H should be easier to control - higher loft. Say a 25 degree versus the 21 or 19 degree hybrid. Same thinking as the 7W versus the 5. Regardless, the gapping is important and relates to what's the highest iron you want to carry.
  7. Great thread. I have tried several balls out this summer and was looking forward to the latest testing. I did a Vice sample box, The Snell sample box and the maxfli tour. I bought more of the Vice Pro Soft after looking at my notes and seeing the test results. I like the Snell as well and realize they are very different. My swing speed would seem to fit with the Pro Soft or Pro. I'm in search of my ball . I do think the testing helps direct you. I am also not interested in paying for the Pro Vs.
  8. Love the write up. I was also fit for the 0311P - love them. I would be interested in your comments on your driver and fairway woods. The Epic Flash and Mavrik 3 wood.
  9. I had the same situation. Regional fitter. Great guy and I have no doubt they will be happy to help. In my case it might mean a trip to Atlanta, but that's not a disaster. Good luck with the whole thing. You have inspired me to look into the same situation. I have been working on my swing plane and definitely making changes (hopefully for the better), so I know an adjustment will be needed.
  10. Thought I would share a quick review on the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Rangefinder. I was looking to add a rangefinder this year but I didn't want to spend a ton of money on my first one. This one might be good enough to be my first and last. As a starter, I paid $179.99 for the rangefinder. This was with a $20 coupon or 10% off. I thought that was a pretty good price for what seemed to be a pretty good device (based on reviews). Here are some pictures of the device and the carrying case hanging on my golfbag. So, I also included a picture of the cards that came in the box. One to highlight that they give free battery replacements and two - I thought one othe other cards was cool. It was a little tutorial on the proper way to use the device. I know, seems obvious enough...... aim and click until it vibrates. All true, but it did mention scanning across the flag which seems to help. Anyway, to the point of the review...... I have used the rangefinder on my home course now for 5 rounds. The accuracy is there and it is very easy to use. You do simply align and push on a button on the top (green), it vibrates and gives you the yardage. If you have the slope on it gives you the adjusted yardage in the bottom right corner. The device itself appears to be robust yet light in weight. Not too light - meaning it is easy to hold steady and get a hit on any target. I shot it on bunkers, bushes, trees and even a bird house just checking it out early on. (We have bird houses at 150 yards from the greens on our course). The carrying case is legit and it comes with all you need to snap it on to your bag. I have played this course for close to 30 years, so it was very interesting to compare my learned knowledge on slope versus the actual measurement. It's amazing to see the actual number and know that even though a hole looked flat and you learned over the years to hit one extra club. Then to shoot it and realize it is about 8-10 yards uphill. Pretty cool. It does give you a lot of confidence to confirm some of that and then know you are pulling the correct stick. I'm eager to play with it on a course that I don't know very well. The only negative I can think of is the lack of a magnet to allow for you to stick it on the cart. Easy enough to drop it in the cupholder though for an easy grab. I hope if you are looking for an affordable rangefinder that you find this review helpful.
  11. Please don’t crucify me if I missed this! When will we get the new numbers in the ball comparison tool?
  12. Wedges or a range finder. Nice bag though.
  13. Just wanted to add some pictures of the clubs. Sorry I haven't posted any other comments. I have been really working on my game. The clubs are fantastic and I have noticed a difference. There is obviously the adjustment period (I was playing Callaway Apex Pros that were 1" shorter than they needed to be). I still plan to get around to doing a side by side comparison with a launch monitor. Just might be early fall.
  14. UPDATE: They arrive today. On the truck for delivery! That was super quick from Arizona to SC. More to come...................
  15. Absolutely, I don't have the fitting numbers, but I can do a comparison and will certainly share my results as the season moves along.
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