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  1. Thank you everyone who replied. I went in to talk to my club pro today. I have only had maybe 5 or so lessons so far with him and its always just been get the 7 iron out and let’s have a look sort of thing. So today I asked if I could pay him just to follow me around my course and not give any input, just watch me the way I naturally play and then come up with a plan after my round on how to get better and shave a few shots of the handicap. I was thinking I’ve never had a lesson on putting or chipping only ever irons or driver . So very well could need them looking at. Hopefully I can reach my goal by end of September fingers crossed.
  2. Hello everyone, new member from Scotland and first post. I am basically just interested in peoples story on how and what it took for them to be a scratch golfer ? I remember a golfer said to me when I first played. That a lot of scratch golfers usually get to that level after the first few years of playing or not at all. Is this true ? any one out there that got to scratch after say 10/15 years ? I took golf up 18 months ago and I am currently 13 handicap. Goal is single figures by end of year then maybe one day who knows try and get to scratch .
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