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  1. Thanks a lot for the responses everyone! Looking forward to getting back out there.
  2. I was a high handicapper and just had an older set of forgiving Pings.
  3. Getting back into the game after about a 10yr hiatus. I ended up selling my old set of clubs years ago and looking to fill a bag again. Went to my local PGA SS over the weekend and hit a few different irons (P790s, T200s, and a few of the strictly GI sets like the G425s and Rogues). I liked the feel of the 790s and the T200s and was able to hit them fairly well. My question is, would you recommend getting fitted for one of these newer sets of irons, or looking for something second hand for the time being, taking lessons to get my swing back, and getting properly fitted for a new set down the line? If the latter, which set of used irons would you look for to compare to the current T200 or P790 models? Thank you all in advance and couldn't be more excited to start playing again!
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