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  1. I assume the OP meant "forgiving" as a forged club that a mid to high handicapper could hit. To me, forgiving means a club that when hit off centre will still go relatively straight and will not lose significant distance.
  2. Found a new set of D7 forged with Catalyst 80 shaft for $400 less than D9s with DG 95 VSS shaft. Does anyone have any experience with the new D9s over the D7s. Are the D9 forged worth the extra $400?
  3. I have Mevo in a closet so the height directly above is 18 " lower than the rest of the room height. I have tried it outside the closet with the same short results. Took it out to the range and distances were spot on using a rangefinder to confirm. Must be interference in the room. Not sure how to fix that if even possible.
  4. Everything is consistently short. I am hitting indoors and had it set to both short indoors and indoors. Both settings were consistently short. I appreciate hitting shorter indoors but not by 40 yards. Metallic dot on. No obvious signs of interference. Moved unit around but consistently short. I can hit and feel fat hits off my matt and distance registered 100 yards. Clean hits are registering 120. Even at my worst, I have never hit a 7 iron that short, Must be interference but not sure where it's coming from. I will take the mevo+ outside tomorrow and see if it still registers short.
  5. Hopefully someone with a Mevo + can help. My average 7 iron is consistently between 155 and 165. My indoor Mevo + setup is Mevo 8 feet from ball, ball 9 feet from net, ball hitting area 2", Mevo tilt 0.1 and Mevo angle 12%. I am getting carry distances consistently between 100 and 120 yards, which its at least 40 yards shorter than my normal carry. Ball path appears accurate. Any ideas why the Mevo+ is reading so short?
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