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  1. I mean I was just looking at all the possible options. I am getting back into the game after 10 years away so I am building a bag back. Right now, I am looking at below $200. I The Ping one mentioned is one that I am actually considering now, but I was looking for a cheaper option to try the look out before committing a pricier option. Thanks for the recommendation! Was considering just Anser style putters, but that putter looks really clean!
  2. yeah the retail price is a wheeeee bit pricy for me right now
  3. Did you got to an edel fitting or one from there partners i.e. Club Champion/GolfTec
  4. Ah I see I was trying to find the Nike Method 001s lying around. Hard to find any in good condition Did you get fit for your Edel putter? How do you like it?
  5. Hello, Just like the title says, anyone know of any putters with no alignment aids or just a simple dot? Blade shape is preferable.
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