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  1. check out the below link for more style. http://muziik-golf.com/japan/grip.html
  2. Hi stuart, it is not just a sticker, some models used two different material PU + Rubber on surface. Even scratch it, the pattern won't damage. For the 2nd Grip in from the left, the front it use Rubber + the back side use PU. 2-different hand feel through. check out the photo
  3. here is one style with AMERICA FLAG with 3-different size. Guess you guys might like it. Weight -103g± (Jumbo) -78± (Mid) -56g± (Standard)
  4. Hi Guys, Just want to show few design grips to you, it totally makes my putter very unique. :P
  5. a beautiful piece, really need to get one into my putter collection shelf
  6. Chris, Please let me know the update quote. thanks
  7. Chris, I am looking up at the web site www.doglegright.com about the price. Price of some model can be found such as below: 4.0 MACHINE M2A Converter with a 303 Stainless Head, a 303 Stainless Plumber Neck and a 303 Stainless Heavy Blade Back Flange. I wonder there price can check from web site or it is a custom made model? thanks
  8. Chris, Is there any standard collection of Machine putter??
  9. how much does it cost for a Damascus Medallion ? and shipping cost?
  10. how is it comparing with Machine Putter ? i think the idea is quite similar but i wonder about the price.
  11. What an amazing piece of putter! really want to try it out. sadly i can try it in asia
  12. hi i am lucas ,just to say hi to everyone
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