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  1. - Allan - Pleasant Hill/CA - 5 - Titleist 718 CB - T100s
  2. sh34rer


  3. Allan Shearer Glasgow, Scotland, UK 4 80-100 Always local pro Play prov1x
  4. Why are they making this so difficult for me haha!
  5. Any help from a fellow fairway finder would be much appreciated (I'll pay the shipping over)
  6. Good to see another Scot, I feel that we dont appreciate how good we have it some times - just heading up for my 11 oclock tee time on the old course guys.
  7. They won't ship to Scotland 😡😡😡
  8. Had my car stolen and was happy enogh to get everything replaced (wth some new upgrades) The one thing that I cant gt replace is my towel. Crazy I know but i liked it. Does anyone hae an Amino Vital towel?????
  9. just been for my fitting and put my order in. d2 9.5 aldila rogue black 16.5 fairway with diamana red board
  10. I think I may have just seen a sneak peek
  11. I see that Justin binned them for round 3 and 4 at the weekend and went back to his old mb's
  12. Guys I know they aint nothing special I know a hotel towel does a better job (I've got about 10 of them!) I know they are just a marketing buzz the same way as i know a big fat slazenger belly putter would probably do me more use that my scotty!!!! but the heart wants what the heart wants!
  13. Great track isn't it!!! and a big shout out to my mate who holds the course record 62 up there @grayso74 - Stephen Gray of Hayston Golf club in Glasgow
  14. Im with you!!! I've just changed my Callaway x forged 07's for the new 13 models. I agree they got lost for a few years there but the new line's are looking great. My only fear is that I can see them going Taylormade on us and spouting 20 yard gains every year! and a new product every 6 months. Here's hoping - stay classy
  15. Ive been keeping an eye on ebay and amazon for what feels like forever but I just can't seem to pick of of these up!!! I know the give them away free at events and with orders on there site but they won't ship to me in the UK!!!!!!!! anyone at MGS able to help a fellow golfer???? Allan
  16. sh34rer

    Titleist 714

    do we have a release date for these yet?
  17. handicap is 8 cobra's new amp range is really one that stamps its own authority and doesnt look like another manufacturers creation with a cobra logo added Golf is and always will be an avid hobby of mines and when i do it - i like to look good!
  18. So you keep us dangling on for days?????? poor show
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