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  1. How bout someone put up Fowler's losing wedges?
  2. Those are some great impact shots... Also, is it me, or were Vijay's feet extremely close together? Also, the pics starting boring me - until Bill showed up. Thank god for that.
  3. Your description was great until i saw the pics.. afraid I can't get past the offset
  4. Sweet looking blog 'friend.' I will definitely be checking up on it.
  5. "How to Become a Tour Pro" I would say its a little easier said than done... Good advice, but you have to be a plus handicap before you even can move on to an article like that.
  6. 2009 VW GLI. Great trunk space for my stix
  7. First off... This is the best sub-forum on the mygolfspy forums, hands down! "Tour Yellow. The Perfect Ball, for the Perfect Hustle."
  8. yeah... I'm not buying it. No way he didn't know. And if he didn't for real, then its just a testament to how blind he is. I mean don't they travel together?
  9. As someone working within the Golf Course Design industry.. I can relate. It used to be that when laying out a course set within a residential envelope, you could get away with a 50-yard protective radius from the center of the fairways and greens. Now, we need a minimum of 65-yards. Architects are concerned about possible lawsuits from wayward tee shots. I know of a big name famous island builder(hint, hint) who was sued for several million after a girl was struck in her backyard on a course built over 20 years ago. Back then, the design was not an issue... today's technology has turned the course into a liability.
  10. Can't you do this on Tiger Wood's 2009 for Xbox? lol That is indeed the sickest 1-iron ever. Not that there are many 1-iron shots to choose from. But isn't there some famous quote or something - perhaps about Jack's shot - that only God can hit a 1-iron?
  11. I never understood these crazy putter heads. I imagine I'd have a hard time crafting a complete line of putters with such a narrow mind
  12. How do they compare to Scratch? There are so many options with wedges these days. Used to be Cleveland... done deal. Much easier
  13. a little ridiculous IMO... unless I owned a pro shop
  14. does anyone know what kind of weight we are talking about here?
  15. We want to see more of your stuff!! ...at least I do
  16. What computer program is that in? 3d studio??
  17. great to see a forged club... but totally ugg
  18. totally sick... I love the buffed leading edge on the bottom. Totally annoying that every time I finally score a club I want, an even cooler one hits the market. Guess that's just life.
  19. LOL. Right on.... I want to make my clubs custom just as much as the next guy. But, one ill fated swing with that hammer could put me out several hundos.
  20. there are so many... but such a classic. My father has always used one ever since I can remember
  21. wouldn't all this nonsense be revealed during the fitting? I mean nowadays with all the technology your clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, etc. pretty much tells the tale. I would hope the salesmen wouldn't incorrectly fit a guy into his ego.
  22. Camillo for sure... even the bottom sole for when he gets down into his Spidey position!
  23. This was an awesome read!!! I have always wondered about this. I gotta hit the range. Work on my game and get me a sponsor You'd think all the free equipment and personal attention would be enough for these guys...
  24. Is it me or are these GPS devices a serious money trap. I mean they first cost several hundred dollars, then they get you for annual fees and additional course charges, etc. I think they are sweet and fun to play with, but it can be a considerable drain on one's pocket.
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