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  1. Kip Canyon TX i have a putting mat but it is not very consistent with our club so I don’t use it much I want something that I can vary the putting speed as we have huge variety of green speeds from slow to extremely fast
  2. hcp- 8, Texas Current irons- Mizuno MP 20 mmc, w/ kbs 120 stiff, 8 iron- 155-160 I know what mygolfspy has informed me of, that sub 70 is a Direct to consumer company, I love the looks of the clubs and I am pumped to get to review them.
  3. Kip/ Canyon TX 10- 15 min before I play and occasionally on my practice mat. I'm currently having issues with speed control/ judgement and have been 3 putting 3-5 holes per 18 I saw this system on MGS before and it looks very intriguing. I would love to test it, review, and use it to lower my scores.
  4. Kip / TX Hcp- 7 Mizuno Mp 68 7i carry = 155-160
  5. I don't get to play enough to do a thorough test, but my son is a Junior in high school 1.5 hcp, he could test it and I could review it and compare it to his current shaft. Hzrdus stiff 120 swing speed Taylormade M1 we have access to a launch monitor my hcp is 7 current Titleist 915 D3, aldila RIP stiff 70 110 swingspeed
  6. Kip M Canyon, TX 8 hcp 5-6 Mizuno mp 58 7-pw Mizuno mp 68 50, 54, 60 Mizuno mp t-4
  7. I own this cart and I agree it is light, sturdy, and easy to fold and unfold. My only complaint is the tires, this cart does not push as easy as my old sun-mountain 3 wheeled that has the air-up bicycle tires. the bagboy has plastic or plastic-like tires that do not grab the turf, It slides around a bit, and makes it harder to push through grass (especially the rough). I have been trying to find something to coat the tires in but so far I can't get anything to stick to the tires. I wish they would put a layer of rubber around the tires that would fix this problem.
  8. Tyk, that's a nice bit of ramblin', and I agree with you that the reviews and the analysis process needs to be as standardized as possible. I think that what mgs has is a very good system and as they tweek it to get the info we want, it will turn into a very standardized measurement system, but it's still in the development stage and what can make it better is also what will make it last. As they take all of our feedback into account, they can then give us an objective analysis of some very subjective equipment.
  9. Great Article. No overload here. More data sounds good to me. The only thing I can think of to compare apples to apples would be to compare the heads using the same shaft, but I wonder if there would be anything to compare, because your results were so close that if the shaft was the same, they may all perform the same.
  10. Fantastic article. Makes me want to get fit for a new driver. I like titleist so maybe I should take a look at that cobra s2, or you can just send me the one you tested, and I'll try it out.
  11. Nice, I like this article. Very informative, and the ranking system is the bomb. Can't wait for part 3.
  12. Great article, its great to see the drivers go head-to-head, but I would love to see the difference or lack of difference, if they all were tested with the same shaft. I'm looking forward to day 2 and 3. So far it just reinforces the fact that we should get fitted for a driver, these drivers allow a player to "tinker" and fit themselves, but really a good custom fit would be better, especially when there are 14 clubs in the bag and the other 13 don't allow all this "tinkering"
  13. Congrats to Cristie, some very nice golf. Keep up the good play. Ari, I think Scratch should give us each a "commemorative" wedge to remember Scratch's first major.
  14. the US junior sets are pretty good, my son is about ready for the next size. so far he has grown out of 2 sets, this will be the 3rd, but most of them have height limits on the box and the the more flexible shafts with oversized forgiving heads. US kids has some nice sets. I like the look of the Ping moxie sets. Just check ebay for the good used sets. If he like my son he will grow so fast that he won't wear out a set before he grows out of it.
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