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  1. For those who have had the blessing of attending The Masters in person and been able to shop the merchandise area. Does the Masters sell fitted Masters Hats on site? I have a large head and wear a size 8 fitted hat. Sometimes a 7 7/8 will work depending on the brand. Any personal experience with the merchandise at the Masters especially when it comes to Masters hats would be amazing!
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a masters hat for my big head? I wear a size 8 fitted hat. None of the one size fit all hats with straps etc fit. At the merchandise shop on the grounds of Agusta, do they sell fitted Masters hats up to size 8 or 7 7/8 ?? Thanks for any help you might have!
  3. Has my golf spy ever done head to head reviews of Wishon Golf components versus OEM golf clubs? If not would you consider doing reviews?
  4. Please tell us the following: Your first name and home state/province Your current putter & putter specs Your preferred Odyssey O-Works model/color (check them out on Odyssey's website here) Casey Turnbaugh Castle Rock Colorado Scotty Cameron Del Mar. 35 inches ODYSSEY O-WORKS #9 WHITE/BLACK/WHITE PUTTER
  5. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO It's not the size that matters! It's how you handle the shaft that counts. Or at least that what she tells me!
  6. If a putter came from an OEM and was 34 inches long, and you lengthened that putter to 35 inches long what else would have changed on that putter? Would the lie, loft, weight etc have changed as well?
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