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  1. The book could be the most straight forward, no gossip and no-nonsense publication in the world, and I would still agree with Tiger. The guy's making a living off of Tiger's reputation. Sure, some of this is Haney's story as well, but this book is about Tiger with Haney not just Haney. The fact that he didn't consult Tiger about it all just rubs me completely the wrong way. Haney didn't take an unknown and turn him into a household name, but can the reverse be said?
  2. Can anyone let us know what the total number of people entered is? I know that the first group was full, and we have 48 in Group 2. Is there any way to check standings in the first Group so we can know where we stand overall?
  3. Never mind, found the link with the different groups and I'm signed up. Thanks!
  4. Not surprising to me. I use a microfiber cloth like this to dry my car. They are perfect for the job. Thanks for the review.
  5. Interesting idea, but as has been mentioned, I'm curious about the "unintended consequence" factor. If the golf course uses GPS on the carts, they probably already have the ability to do this, or the gps manufacturer should be able to offer it with a slight software tweak. But even if they don't use GPS and go for this product, is it really cost effective/efficient to have the cart girls running hither and yon on the golf course in response to beer/soda/food requests? I would think you would want to either keep all of the beverage carts stabled until a request came in and send them out to s
  6. Best app out there, IMHO. I would prefer a drawn course overview over the satellite pictures, but that's just personal preference. At $29.99 with no annual fee it's just not beatable. I tried Golf Logix originally and liked the app, but no way was I going to pay their annual fee ($19.99). I had missed the ability to log each of my shots so I could have accurate distance information for each club, but Golfshot added that with the last update, so I'm happy as can be now. Of course if they ever decide to go to an annual fee that may change my mind, but until then, it's the best golf app o
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