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  1. Bart annapolis, md yes. I have had a trolley for years but have made a commitment in 2021 to walk every course that allows it. I keep it I’m my car. This past weekend was a 6 mile walk in the woods. I could have used an electric trolley as I faded towards the end of the round. I have a bag boy trolley thanks for considering me
  2. Bart Annapolis, MD In the previous years I had done nothing to stay sharp over the winter. This spring I bought a small putting mat, and unfortunately it quickly developed a wear groove that rendered it useless. medium please.
  3. Bart Maryland GBB Epic 9.5 fujikura 62 No I would love to participate in this testing. I have a SkyTrak unit that would allow me to provide data when comparing drivers.
  4. Bart Maryland 13.1 Cobra F6 steel i500 Please Representing the left handed people of the world
  5. Bart Maryland Bushnell Tour V3 Golfshort App GPS Is there a left handed version? As a lefty it is nice to be able to participate as a tester. Thanks for all you do.
  6. Bart, Maryland Odessey works 2 ball fang tank (what a long name) Tour Xdream 35" lefty Right If it works as well as you claim I will gladly buy it. I would just like the opportunity to try it.
  7. Hi Guys, I just got an email from Swing jacket that they have released a left handed version of their product. I am going to give it a try and placed my order today. Ill let you know how it goes. https://secure.swingjacket.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SJ16-R3LH
  8. I bought my palmbird grip over a year ago. I had a hard time adjusting to it and was ready to give up, but then a friend suggested I put the broad end at the bottom. I flipped it and I have been in love with it ever since. With the broader end at the bottom it fits in my palm perfectly. I highly recommend this grip.
  9. Round 2 Incorporating it as part of my shot routine is becoming increasingly easier. If I continue to use this product I can see it becoming a process I don't have to think about. I don't know what happened today but the locations were off considerably. I do not know if this is a GPS issue or plotting onto google maps, but on many holes it had me teeing off in the woods 20 yards to the right of the tee box. I found myself having to adjust most of my shots on the map. Which is easy to do but time consuming. If I have to correct so many shot in the future, I won't continue to use it. These issues have brought doubts into my mind that the numbers are accurate. Saturday I am playing again and this time I will use Tour Caddie on my IPhone to verify the numbers. The more I think about it the more I see GameGolf as incomplete for what I truly want. Does it keep your score? Not on the course, but yes when your download the info to your computer. However there are usually edits that must be done to correct what has been recorded. Doe it track the distance of your shots? Yes but not while your on the course. I have used TourCaddie to track my shots, however to be honest, usually only my favorable drives. I never tracked my other clubs because it was to time consuming and annoying to my friends. GameGolf makes it seamless to track ALL your shots with ALL your clubs. However, I am not sure these numbers are accurate after my last round. The real problem I see is there isn't a product that does everything I need on and off the course and using more then one is just a waste of time. I want a product that will record my scores, record my distances and make them available to me realtime. If GameGolf had bluetooth capabilities and could transfer the data to my phone real time to a program like Tourcaddie it would be a grand slam home run. Some day some one will put the pieces together.
  10. Hi Guys, Well I finally got out today with my first round using GameGolf. I haven't played in nearly 3 months so this was a knock the rust off round. I only played 9 but I found using GG to be fairly easy and straightforward. As others have mentioned you need to develop/adapt your routine to incorporate touching your club to the sensor. I experimented with doing it before and after my shot which had the side effect of me forgetting if I had done it at all. I believe I will work it into my pre shot routine, because after I hit a shot I am too focussed on the outcome to consistently remember to touch the sensor. I have never been comfortable wearing things on my belt. I have tried many smart phone belt clips and have broken or knocked off all of them. So I tried keeping the GG unit in my pocket. I thought this was working well until I went home and uploaded my round. Upon reviewing my round I discovered I recorded shots as I was putting my clubs back in my bag. I am playing 18 tomorrow so I will try it on my belt clip. Overall I think this going to be a product I will enjoy and use all the time. The ability to go back and visually review my round is going to do wonders for me. I usually try to do this in my head, but GG will make it much easier. There are issues that need to be addressed but they are not major in my mind. Like using irons for chipping. I used my 9 iron today several times for chipping and only once from the field so my 9 iron avg is currently 24yards. Ill update you guys after tomorrow to see if this is a long term relationship for me or just puppy love.
  11. Hi guys, These gloves are great! I bought one and it fit better then any other glove I have ever worn. I dint notice I was wearing them and never had a club slip in my hands. The only down side is there is no homing device in them. I lost my glove in Mrytle beach so I need to order another. After 3 months of summer golf 10-12 rounds per month there was no issues with the wear of the kangaroo leather. There was was on the seam of my index finger where the cow leather had stretched. Nothing that effected my grip or swing. They should just make the entire glove from kangaroo leather. Thank you Aussies,
  12. Hi guys, I bought these and have them a try. They felt good, but nothing better then other inserts I have worn that cost $25-$30. I didn't notice any benefit to my game. I continued to wear them until they wore out. I will not be reordering them.
  13. Hi Skihippy, Thanks for taking the time to review this. I have been waiting and waiting to buy a golf mat . I have read various company websites but never felt comfortable pulling the trigger. Until I read your review. Based on your opinions I have ordered a dura pro golf mat from them. I should have it hand early next week. Thanks again! God Bless Bart
  14. It doesn't make sense why this wouldn't work. I don't own any android devices, but I have a friend who does. I will check to see if the Android version of the software pics up the IOS unit.
  15. Hi Guys, I saw this device promoted on the front page by Golfsmith. It looked interesting so I purchased the device and started using it this week. The results have been eye opening. I will post details in the days to come. Here is a link to the makers website http://www.3baysgsa.com God Bless bart
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