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  2. I think the beauty of this rivalry....when it becomes one.....will be at yrs. end....during the Ryder Cup. Have these guys face off a couple of times this yr and watch the anticipation explode. Rivalries have to grow on the course....we can talk about it and try to create it.....but until they stand toe to toe with tournaments on the line....it's just wishful thinking. Sergio at Medina...looked like the start of a long and exciting rivalry that we could have debated for yrs....Turned out to be nothing of the sort. It takes years for rivalries to grow and mature. It takes players who's games have peaked at the same time....Norman vs Faldo.... Nicklaus vs Watson.....Snead vs Hogan.....and it takes time. Rory seems to have his game ready.....now we need Tiger to put it all together. Until then, we'll only have glimpses of what could be.Nikl
  3. There is nothing so funny as seeing someone else humiliated.....as long as it's all in fun. You could be in commercials!!! Nicely done T.....................
  4. Welcome Alexbygolf....MyGolfSpy goes international.....Does anyone have the ability to identify what countries are represented here? I, for the record, am from the exotic land known as Iowa.....A forgotten part of the world who's scenic byways and national landmarks remind you of a time long past. Step back in time and come visit Iowa.....
  5. Sorry haven't quite figured out the insert quote process.....
  6. Oh man....my head hurts...but you make perfect sense...scarey huh?? What or how I interpret feel will be completely different from what my wife experiences. That being said, it makes perfect sense for her to explain to me.....in her terms... what she is "feeling." It's a great way to approach it. Thus your're the teacher. It's SOOO easy to produce sensory overload...especially when working with someone who may not possess the same vocabulary as yourself. You know...the whole women are from Venus...men are from Mars. I never want to inundate her with so many different thoughts that she's unable to pull the trigger..so we stick the discussions to the range only. At least doing that her head won't explode. It's one of those cases where less is more....so I try to only give her 1 and no more than 2( as long as they are related) things to concentrate on. Have you ever seen a woman's head explode....it's messy...really messy.
  7. Matt, I like your comment that "feel is not real." What do you use with your students to replace the concept? To define feel in any sport is illusive at best.....in golf, almost impossible. How many times have you heard athletes say "I had no touch," or "I lost my stroke." And it's not just golf.... I've tried to find a simple definition that wasn't some kind of metaphysical psychobabble...and I've failed miserably. This is as close as I've come. Feel is an expression used in golf to reflect the experience the golfer has during the execution of a shot which may be measured in the time interval following impact necessary for the golfer to verbally accurately predict the quality of the shot. Now that's a mouthful....and for most purposes.... unusable. My spouse has over the past few yrs become infected with the golf addiction virus. As she progresses and we talk more about the subtleties of the game the word "feel" creeps into our conversations. Feeling connected, feeling the club head, feeling the release. I guess without visualization there can be no "feel." I'd be interested to hear how you cope with this concept.
  8. Nice review RB. When you say the RBZ was loud could you expand on how it sounds....
  9. I've never quite understood training aids. How many other sports have the plethora of gadgets, gizmo's, appliances, contraptions, devices or apparatus aimed at improving performance. Most sports rely on repetition, form, and practice. What did you strap on to learn to throw a baseball or football? Any device you can remember that you used to improve your stroke with a basketball? I can't think of anything that helps you strike a soccer ball, handle a puck or volley a tennis ball. Pool, swimming, ping pong, badminton, skateboarding....not much out there. There are no shortcuts to becoming proficient at any sport. The best .....and most underused training aid is your mind. As no golf swing is the same there is no "One size fits all." Balance, rhythm, tempo, alignment, ball position, setup, and grip, are generally seen as the basics. These are different for all golfers. Look at Ray Floyd, Jim Furyk, Calvin Peete or Lee Trevino. Nothing the same here....other than their positions at impact. Their swings were exclusively and uniquely their own. Google "Golf Training Aids" and you'll get 8,460,000 results. Do the same for "Top Rated Training Aids" and you get a whooping 15,600,000 results. We as golfers are obviously convinced that these "aids" really work.....otherwise there wouldn't be these kind of returns. If we broke down the best aids for the full swing and used them, we'd look like Kevin Costner in Tin Cup. Had an uncle that changed his sticks every year.....newest and best of everything. He was living proof that great tools in the hands of a poor carpenter will still make a lousy cabinet. My point, if I have one, is we as golfers think there is a double secret tool out there that when used, will ultimately construct the perfect golf swing.....when we know there is no such thing. Our sport is no different than any other....there are no shortcuts....no matter how hard we want to believe there is. Instruction, fundamentals and practice....these are the things that are common to all sports. Golf is no different...no matter what we want to believe. That being said....I'm goin' out, strappin' on my V-Harness, puttin' on my Wrist Rite, grabbin' my Tour Striker (the best aid by far), and continuing my search for the perfect golf swing. Keep swingin'.....
  10. Started "caddying" for my dad with his Sunday morning group. I was 11....He'd put a Sox helmet on me and we'd hit the links with his buddies at 6:00am. Didn't get the bug until one Sunday when I watched him call an ace. Now dad had a swing like a rusty gate....flat...short ....big left to right. But by god get him 100 yds. and in and he as good as anyone I ever saw. Anyway, he's standing on the tee at a short par 3.....looks at me and says." Gonna hit a screaming liner right into the bank in front....pop it up and drop it like a putt." I'll be go to hell if he didn't do just that. Now the green ran away front to back so we never saw the damn thing go in. Got up to the green and can't find the ball. Of course the last place we look is in the hole...and there it was. I was so excited I almost pee'd myself. I was hooked. Would take one of his clubs and a bunch of whiffle balls, go across the street to the park and bang away. Dad was a funeral director...the funeral home was right across the street so he would watch me slappin' plastic. Finally, he and a friend were watchin' as I played my tree to tree course when his buddy said, " He's got a really nice swing." Right there dad decided i would never swing like him....so off to the local driving range for my first and only lesson. To this day I still set up and align the way I was taught that day.
  11. Perfect timing for this thread. Since I'm looking to completely change out my bag....(still playin' my original TA's)...and even though I talk to myself frequently....I never really thought to ask myself these questions. Rating System : 1-10 --- 1 = Absolutely No Influence 5 = Gaining Some Ground 10 The Look of the Clubs -- Finish, Shape, Etc. Absolute 10....Ya just can't play ugly. 2. The Brand of the Clubs -- Titleist, TM, Ping Etc. Gotta be a 1....I joined this site looking for players insights. Just look at WITB for the members here,,,,Everything from soup to nuts...You won't here "Baaaaaa" coming outta my mouth....Performance, that's the ticket. 3. The Buzz Surrounding a Club -- How many people are Talking about this bad boy Another 1.......Buzz sounds alot like "Baaaaaa"... 4. The Marketing Claims Made in Advertisment -- Straighter, Longer, Etc. 1 again....everyone one knows marketing is a 2 drink minimum....of course I'm a cynic. 5. What your Friends are gaming -- Some of us are followers and that is ok, just don't copy me stuff! ha 1...My friends change equipment like I change shoes... 6. What you might Know/Be led to believe the tour players are using 1....Until I start playin' to a +3 it doesn't really matter. 7. Whether a club says its TOUR ISSUE Again 1......I'm selfish.....I want what's best for me... 8. Stock Shaft Offerings 8.......Shafts can always be changed.....and even though I'll spend whatever to best fit my game.... I still like to be as economical as possible.....Choices are good!! 9. Upcharge Shaft Offerings 8......This allows for more customization.....see #8 10. What Club you best believe will help to improve your game 5....You'll never know what to believe until you hit it...only your fitter can help you make solid decisions. 11. What Club you want to play, but might not be best suited for you 5.....I have an idea what fits my eye.....after that we're back to performance....with the choices today there should be no issues finding a good compromise between what you like and what works best for you. 12. How good of a deal it is 8....Set your budget and then live with it.....Are you willing to play a set that's 1 or 2 yrs. back....or does it have to be the latest and greatest...I see driver tech changing faster than iron tech. Good deals are out there if your willing to do your homework. Thanks MDyer21.....good stufff....
  12. As the years go by I find flexibility....along with other things...extremely hard to maintain. Anyone out there have a good comprehensive stretching program that they're using in the off months??? I find my shoulders becoming the biggest issue. Anything you do to increase your range of motion that you'd be willing to share?? I don't want to look like Miguel Ángel Jiménez.....
  13. Being a rookie to the forum I could only speak from the experiences I've had....ya know....the major print media. I just found them to be lacking when trying to determine what applied to me. Selfish....yep. Sure didn't mean to offend. Guys my size just seem to have different issues....we don't buy off the rack....clothes or clubs. Looking forward to learning from all here. Thanks for the reply......
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