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  1. Pat from Virginia Adamsgolf Speedline 9064LS, 9.5, Aldila R.I.P., stiff 15 handicap, 95 mph swingspeed, I do not regularly use a LM I used to game an XCG3 with a stock stiff shaft. I loved the distance and playability of that driver but when I had an off day from the tee box, it exposed my poor swing. I still play a CB2 3-metal that can go as far as my driver at times.
  2. Pat Smith Yorktown, VA 15 I need to be more consistent with my impact position. If I'm not on the tee box, I normally look at the front of the ball to remind me to strike the ball first before taking a divot. My swing should be the same for every club in the bag, sans putter.
  3. When the box of Duo Spin arrived in the mail, I was excited to break it open to see the product. I liked the way the balls look. The dimples seem very uniform and has a nice pattern. I couldn't spot any seam and the logo was fine. I compared it to a Pro V1 and the Duo Spin looks brighter and more glossy. I didn't have time to really test the ball so I put it in play at a tournament a couple days later. I was impressed with the results from my round. The Duo Spin seemed to fly further off the tee, the short game was better, and the ball felt the same as the Pro V1 when I putted. I thought to myself, this ball could be my gamer in the future. When I finally had the time, I played 9 holes comparing the Duo Spin with a Pro V1. Other than the first hole (I really spanked the Pro V1), the Duo Spin was longer off the tee. I used a driver, 3-metalwood, hybrid, and 6-iron and each time, the Duo Spin landed and rolled further. I could give you the difference in the yardage but to try to keep this post somewhat short, the difference was significant enough to club down on the next shot. Advantage: Duo Spin. Th distances didn't vary much on the next shot. The results were similar when I was in the fairway or the rough. The biggest difference was when I was inside 125 yards. The ball traveled further with my wedges. After the second time the ball landed past my expected distance, I clubbed down and that worked out fine. I guess I need to redial my distance gap in the wedges. (P-wedge 45*, 49*, 53*, 57*) Advantage: Duo Spin. I can't spin the ball on the short game of chipping and pitching, but the Duo Spin seemed to check up better and has less release than the Pro V1. On a full wedge shot (and I tend to hit these shots high), the Duo Spin released on average about 4 feet from the pitch mark. With chipping, I'm not afraid to go right at the flagstick. When I hit a good chip, I wasn't far from the hole and usually one-putt. I played the Duo last year and I liked it a lot. The Duo Spin does feel softer, does travel farther (for me), checks up better, and putts just like a Pro V1, to me. I really like this ball and plan to put it into play at another tournament this Saturday and Sunday. I plan to take the Duo Spin and Pro V1 to a simulator and compare numbers with a driver, 7-iron and sand wedge in the near future. Please let me know if I can elaborate more on certain aspects that you want to discuss.
  4. I have already tried the Duo and it's a great distance ball. It didn't check up on the greens as much as I am used to but it doesn't roll forever. I like the feel of the chips and putts and I would game it. I plan to check out the FG Tour. I haven't seen or heard of the Duo Spin. SS: 99mph HC: 14.9 Player: Harrington
  5. From what I understand, if TEE uses Ti in their hybrids, the distance would be as comparable to their fairway woods. By using maraging steel, the hybrids still can go a long ways with forgiveness but they provide better distance gaps between clubs. My CB1 15* averages 220-230 yards and my Sonartec 19* 5-wood and Nickent 17* hybrid can go 205-215 yards. I think If I have a TEE Ti hybrid, I may not need a 3-wood. Then again, that might be a good thing. P.S. My CB1 off the tee can go almost as far as my CB3 9* driver...and I'm usually in the short grass with a shot at the green.
  6. I am gaming a Tour Edge CB3, 430cc. My back up is a Mizuno MP-001, 400cc. Both are great for driving distance but the MP-001 is a little more forgiving for me. I prefer smaller cc's. I am looking at a KZG SP700, 400 cc, for the future.
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