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  1. Thanks so much for your help, jmiller! I think you're right, I may have stumbled onto a good setup for me.
  2. I was wondering if the shaft has anything to do with the fact that I'm so consistent with this particular head, so it the swingweight, or moi or all of the above. I've never hit an iron so consistent (I'm a 14 hdcp).
  3. over and over. I actually did at the local (25 mi. away) Dick's Sporting Goods with a Callaway Razr x fitted with a TT GS-95 R300. I used an impact decal and after about 8 shots had a spot about 1/8" inside the club center blackened out. I never missed, and this was the second time I did this, the first time being sometime in November. My question is, what gives? Is it the shaft, swingweight, MOI, shaft & head combo, what? I knew they had KBS Tour 90's in a set of R-11s and I wanted to see how they felt, but since no one else was around the Pro let me try different stuff. I remembered
  4. Lilenkugel's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter, it's Christmas time!
  5. Looked like Sergio was still gaming them too.
  6. Well, WD, you talked me into hitting Rocketbladez and sorry for Hireko, not getting the Dynacrafts. I don't think I can afford 15 yds on bad contact. I'm pretty sure I need more forgiveness than the Prophets can give me.
  7. Thanks, guys, great job! I'm gonna have to hit these suckers, at the risk of alienating my wife!
  8. WD, what did you think of the Hindsight putter? I see you're not gaming it anymore. BTW, I'm trying like heck to talk myself out of the Dynacrafts, I think my wife would kill me!
  9. Number one, the Gap Wedge is Holy Sh*t good looking! Number two, please "Play it Forward" at least once, using irons only. I've seen other reviews at other sites that read, No. 6, no irons used. Really? If you're reviewing irons, hit them! Just don't turn in that score for handicapping! Number three, have fun guys, I'm sure you'll all do a great job!
  10. I also play the a3 Boxers, 3h and 4h. Had them two years. (I buy 2-3 yr. old technology cheaply, but that's for another post). When i use an iron swing I have very good results, but when I try to sweep, I get into trouble, FWIW.
  11. Speaking of bag deals, earlier this year was watching European Tour. Robert Rock, with his big ole Titleist bag. Funny, everything that came out of that bag was a Callaway product! First I'd ever seen that. Over on the Mizuno forum someone saw Bo Van Pelt playing Mizuno irons out of his TM bag! Or is he Titleist?
  12. It's called the Power Play Raw Power 3 wood. They also make a standard 3 wood, which in the catalogue is with the hybrids. They also, under the Acer brand, have what they call the Thriver. It's has 3 wood loft (15 deg.) and weight, but is sized like a driver. Once again, I guess the idea is shortening up clublength for control and driver-type forgiveness without swingweight issues. I could see this club helping slower swing speed and higher handicap players. Probably develop a little too much spin for most of you though! I am considering trying one of the 3 woods next year, though. T
  13. Hireko has a component that's 3 wood loft but 5 wood weight. the shaft gets tipped like a 5 wood, and playing length is the same as a 5 wood. There's negligable loss of distance because contact is always good with the shorter club. Don't forget, you can build or have them build with the shaft you want. Would you try one of these?
  14. ....is gaming a Rocketballz 3 wood in black. Told the Cally folks he needed more distance and his new 3 wood isn't ready yet. They told him go for it!
  15. The lofts are one degree stronger than "normal" on the Tours, but the lengths are the same as Mizuno's 'normal", 37 3/4" five iron, with half inch gaps and 1/4" 9 to PW. Last year's R-11 irons had the same lengths as these too.
  16. I know the 270 head is 190g, not sure of the 290, and the 310 is 198g. If you want a SW in the D range, you'll need to build the 270 with a long shaft and maybe a light grip.
  17. Thanks, I'm considering this setup for next year, with a couple of questions: 1. If you were reshafting, would you go to something heavier? I'm not S300 material, but would like to play a player's CB, but not as heavy as TT DG. 2. How do you like the Dynacraft wedges? These have my eye, too. Thanks, Mike Garrard
  18. Okay, so I'm a complete idiot on this subject, but trying to learn fast. I'm going to build a set of clubs with MOI matching. So, acording to Dave Tutelman, you add about 1.3 swingweights for every inch of shaft that's shorter. I also saw earlier in this thread an amount of .5 swingweight for every 3/8 inch,of trim, which sounds much easier to do (1 gram per club), no muss, no fuss. Here's what has me intrigued. Earlier in the Tutleman papers, he made note that club lengths were shorter in the past, with a 37 1/2" 5-iron, and all the others were also 1/2" shorter than modern clublength
  19. Forum, Yep! XTD Fairway, please! Facebook, Yep! Thanks, Adams and MGS
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