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  1. Black matte paint over chrome. Available May 10 Other MODUS³ Tour: Black Edition models may be released
  2. I'm as excited about this shoe as any in several years. It's the true follow-up to the Titan Tour. Designed in conjunction with Rickie Fowler, which is a good bit of the reason why there's no DISC option available...Rickie likes laces.
  3. Full Story: https://mygolfspy.com/2019-footjoy-fury-golf-shoe-review
  4. In case you don't keep up with the latest grip offerings, here's a little sampling of what Golf Pride has added to its catalog for 2019. Green (Callaway) MCC ALIGN TOUR VELVET PLUS 4 ZGRIP ALIGN TOUN SNSR COUNTOUR PRO (104cc & 140cc)
  5. New from PUMA Golf, the IGNITE NXT offers your choice of 3 distinct lacing systems, including the new SOLELACE. $120. Available now.
  6. This one is next up in our shaft review pipeline. I still need to get some of the details from the team at UST while our shaft review partners at Cool Clubs take their S3 measurements, but I wanted to get some pics up now. This is essentially a release that celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the ATTAS line. While the paint is bold, it's not without purpose. Starting from the butt end of the shaft the colors celebrate the previous ATTAS models by way of sequentially matching the colorway of each of the 9 generations of ATTAS. Beginning with the butt section of the shaft; the original ATTAS was orange. The ATTAS 2 was red, 3 was yellow, and so on it goes through the white of the 9th generation ATTAS Cool. Full details and review in a couple of weeks.
  7. As the guy who basically came up with the logic behind TrueGolfFit, I thought maybe I should hop in and set the record straight on what's getting kicked around here. The lack of loft and shaft recommendations is a valid criticism. The roadmap has both being added for 2019. As far as your current driver brand goes...that's largely inconsequential. The data we ask for (swing speed, attack angle, and tempo) are not club dependent. We do sometimes see small changes in attack angle, but that's accounted for in the programming. Basically, we don't ask about your current driver, because we don't need to know anything about it. We need to know how you swing, not what you swing. I always find it amusing how people will start with one criticism (lack of loft and shaft) and use it as a launching pad for a full-on conspiracy theory, e.g., I got recommended two Srixon drivers, therefore MGS must be in bed with Srixon. Let me says this in no uncertain terms: there are no OEM partnerships that impact TrueGolfFit results. All recommendations are the result of a matching algorithm that finds the best match for your inputs within our shot database. A quick amusing anecdote; we got feedback from someone inside one of the OEMs...his chief complaint was that his recommendation was a Titleist driver (he doesn't work for Titleist). He didn't love it, but he also understood the recommendation wasn't the result of some grand conspiracy. We match your inputs to our data. That's it. The system has no bias. If you were recommended a Srixon driver or two Srixon drivers it's because when the tool searches the database of shots collected during testing, Srixon drivers produced the best results under the parameters you entered. The tool uses a total performance metric that's more robust than distance alone, which is what accounts for the gap in the distance, but there is no in-between in your case. As I said, valid criticism on lofts and shafts. The rest is, as my daughter used to say when she was 4, is just silly business.
  8. Just shot a video about ball testing. Will probably post next week.
  9. Hey All, I've been looking for an excuse to shoot more videos and while I have some ideas for topics, one of my favorite things is to answer reader questions. So with that in mind if you've got a question about golf equipment, the companies who make it, MyGolfSpy in a general sense, or would just like my opinion on something related to the things we cover, go ahead an post it here or on Twitter (hashtag #MyGolfSpy). No promises that I'll answer everything, but I'm not ruling anything out either. Go.
  10. Full Story - https://mygolfspy.com/2019-titleist-ts2-ts3-fairway-woods-2/
  11. Full Story - https://mygolfspy.com/2019-titleist-ts2-ts3-drivers-2/ These babies are shiny AF making them a real challenge to shoot. Quality address/crown pics...fuhgetaboutit.
  12. Full Story: https://mygolfspy.com/2019-mizuno-jpx919-irons-review/
  13. Full Story: https://mygolfspy.com/2018-ping-glide-forged-wedge/
  14. Full Story: https://mygolfspy.com/2018-ping-i210-irons/
  15. Full Story: https://mygolfspy.com/2018-ping-i500-irons/
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