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  1. This sounds great. Getting close to the start of the season, I think it's a great time to implement this.
  2. After many hours of reviewing the video and studying multiple still frames, I can verify that. Natalie Gulbis + Body Paint = 4-putt
  3. Hi everyone. I'm Kyle, from Springfield, Ohio. I'm a 9.2 handicap. I've been seriously into golf for about 9 years and continue to find ways to improve. I take lessons almost year round and recently found an awesome club fitter in my area to do some work on my clubs. For anyone who truly enjoys the game, I highly recommend finding a good fitter. I found mine through Golf Digest's top 100 Golf Fitters. My brother turned me onto this site and I'm really enjoying reading through all the articles, reviews, etc. I've already found tons of cool new stuff on here and find myself checking the site daily. It's been a very mild winter here and I just played my first ever February, Ohio golf last week. Now I've got the 'itch'.
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