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  1. Thanks T. I figured as much so that's why I bumped it. I'm really intrigued by these.
  2. How do the size of the low irons(4,5,6) compare to say the AMP Forged irons?
  3. clear as mud! But thanks for looking in to it.
  4. Any word on if adapters will be available?
  5. I'm not going to lie. The TM ad doesn't nothing for me. 1. Sergio doesn't move the needle anymore to me. 2. They've been touting more and more distance every year. Of course the RBZ 3 wood was longer, ever get the loft checked on them, it says 15 but it's 12.5 degrees. Personal preference, but I wedges. I like things that I know I can utilize better. My scoring comes from wedge play and short game. Bring on the wedges!
  6. You said the adapters will be available, thank god for that! Do you know if the Pro adapter will work on the 460 head? So for someone who needs a little more spin than the pro offers and prefers the 460 head, can they get the pro adapter and have it work just the same in the non-pro head?
  7. Off them and get the AP1's you were considering.
  8. the black would be a great option without the upcharge. I have one of them and really like it.
  9. Of these two I prefer the Classic Driver. It's a pretty low spin head which is nice. Because of that I've seen the 12 degree work wonders for some people, who are pretty good players in their own right. If you like adjustability then I'd go with the R11s. Both solid sticks. Stock shaft in the Classic is better IMO but that's just me.
  10. I think a ball fitting will be pretty informational for you and I'm sure some good stuff will come out of it. That said I don't think Titleist's ball fitting is as complete as others out there. I would venture to guess you will end up with either the Prov1 or Prov1x ball. What I would do if I were you is after you are done, go to Bridgestone's website and use their BFIT service. Talk to a rep and give him the same type of numbers and stuff you went over with the Titleist guys. See if they match up as to what type of ball you get placed with.
  11. - when you say 5.2/5.3 range what does that equate to stiffness?
  12. Ping for me. But that should have no impact on your choice. Both are very good irons. Go with what WORKS best for you.
  13. is this all that different from the Pure Shot driver?
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