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  1. MINT 0811 X+ Proto 10.5 - hit maybe 10 times - 180 shipped CONUS (Will include a new PXG Sleeve) Mint — hit maybe 10 times 0211 9 - 170 shipped CONUS (Will include a new PXG Sleeve)
  2. Bought these back in 2020 and they've only got two rounds on them. As you can see, they're in excellent shape and barely hit. (I had to take some time off of golf.) They're standard loft, lie, length, hardstepped one time with Recoil 780 F4's. SOLD Go by the same name on another golf forum where I've been a member for 17 years and done many deals.
  3. Finally found a solid new driver. R11 9º with Fubuki Alpha 70x tipped .5" at 44.25" gripped. Weights are 6 and 1. FCT set to "higher" and asp set to Open. Swingweight is D2 and the overall weight is 328 grams. Spider shaftwrap over the shaft. I like a hosel on a driver and a smoother transition from ferrule to head, so I made the adapter into a pseudo hosel and used a half inch collared ferrule on an old R9 adapter.
  4. The Ping was a great feeling driver. Unfortunately, it hit absolute knuckleballs. Even at a high swing/ballspeed I was not maximizing my distance because the angle of descent was just too steep. I'm not a big fan of the white driver craze, and I don't want to pick up the 10.5. So, I sold it and I'll be sticking a Fubuki Alpha 70x tipped .5" in an R11.
  5. Currently testing the Snake Eyes 685X with Aerotech 125. It should be interesting. This shaft in the 125 weight is only offered in a stiff. So, while it is supposed to play stout to flex and real consistent, I'm testing the parallel tip version overtipped by .5" to see if it is playable as a next set up when I eventually have to go to new irons for conditions of competition, etc. I'll keep this updated.
  6. Yeah, the pocket is hard to see the "AMH" part of (Just didn't want to insult your intelligence, since I figured if you did catch Amherst on the bag I would've been stating the obvious on the location, lol). Hah, forget the winters - even the late fall and early spring can make for absolutely brutal golf weather. Thankfully, I live in Southern California now. My winter has been mostly in the 50's to 70's, but I just can't get away from graphite. Next set of irons I'll have to go to the NV 105 and just get used to the lighter weight, maybe put in some extra weight in the heads to give me an overall weight that's close.
  7. 4-pw. Only the 6 iron has been cut and installed to play 37.75" The rest of the shafts are new, uninstalled, and uncut. 165 shipped and paypalled. Plenty of references on ebay and another golf forum. Please contact if you have questions.
  8. I just got it and have only hit it 3 times, so I'll post up more info once I get a chance to play some with it over the course of the next week. It's going to be hard to beat the confidence I have in my Superquad (It's been in my bag since 06), but I think if anything can do it - it'll be the i20.
  9. Wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries over the years. I played my college golf in Western MA (based on your location I'm sure you knew that from the bag), so the cold weather made the vibrations feel even more harsh. I switched to the graphite to continue playing - but kept the weight the same as steel by using the now discontinued NV 130s. They still have plenty of feel but hugely deadened the nasty vibrations that would make my wrist and elbow hurt at the ends of the days.
  10. Thought I'd make my first post here my WITB. Feel free to ask any questions. Club Specs: Club Pictures:
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