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  1. David from California 8 handicap titleist vokey sm6 Low spinner 40 -50 yards
  2. David from California 8 Handicap Taylormade TP5x I am a high spin player for sure and believe the MTB Black may help my game as some of my irons/full wedge shots will balloon up and tend to spin too much. I have full access to a club where i can practice/play any day.
  3. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread), please tell us... 1. 32 2. 173 3. ProV1x
  4. David Rocha Southern California 8 Handicap No tracking system being used right now
  5. David Rocha (California) Handicap 5 40 plus rounds purchase golf balls from golf store or online if i find a good deal
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