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  1. First Name/State or Country of residence Mike/New York Handicap 12 Current irons in Play Ping i20's The carry distance of the your 7 iron 150yds
  2. I'll just share the results of a little experiment I tried during league play this week. I've been fighting a mild pull for the last two seasons. When I say "mild" I mean ten yards left of target with a 5i with either a straight ball flight or a very slight draw. The only time I really fight a hook is when I overswing. Anyway, the miss was a bit greater with the driver and many of my drives were ending up in the left rough. A few weeks ago I tried pulling my right foot back about 1-2" based on a diagram I saw on Hogan's foot position. Net result, I have NEVER EVER driven the ball s
  3. The great part about Beau is that he believes he can go out there and win this thing. He's as cool as a cucumber, gotta love that.
  4. I've been playing the U3's for about a month now and I don't think I'll ever buy them again. There's really not anything about them that I like. I was looking for something that spun a bit less than the Penta's I had been playing so I bought this on a recommendation from some stooge at GG. I can confirm that they spin a lot less than the Penta's, WAY less. I'm really not crazy about their feel off the driver or irons and I can't make them hop and stop to save my life. I really which Maxfli had never stopped making the Revolutions. Those are my all time favorite followed closely by
  5. Those irons are absolutely beautiful, one of the best looking I've ever seen. Stunning, simply stunning!
  6. Gentlemen, that is EXACTLY the plan I explained to Mrs. Bear this weekend! Please don't misinterpret my response or mini-review though. There is definitely a benefit to using the True Aim product because it makes me MUCH more conscious of aligning the clubface. I am going in for a fitting later this week. I'll be sure to post an update with the new driver and a full fitting when I'm done.
  7. I got a chance to try the kit today although admittedly, I only made it halfway through the "fitting" because I was running late. I found that a lot of the decals produced similar scores but a couple seemed to make a tangible difference. I think for me, it's the fact that the decals make you much more conscious of properly aligning the club face as you set up. It's hard to believe I'd pay so little attention to something so important. I did find that the reverse "C" decal seems to work best so far so I'm going to play a round or two with that on then test the rest. In the interest of
  8. I got my kit but the weather here turned to crap. As soon as it improves I'll post my review.
  9. Millstone is one of those course that sneaks up on you. On the first hole I was thinking "what a dog track" then when you go around the corner and get back into the woods it turns into a VERY good course. Timber banks is fantastic but the greens are absolutely brutal. They're some of the fastest, most undulating monsters imaginable.
  10. I always thought that Riverview was one of the best layouts I've ever played. It was always the condition of the course that made me sad. It's got to be one of the wettest place on the planet. There were times I played it and there was literally two inches of water in the first fairway. It always struck me as kind of odd because they're so far above the river it always seems like it would be easy to drain it.
  11. Thanks! I certainly will. I do have a question though that I haven't seen asked. With the rounded nature of most driver faces, how can I be sure I'm getting the decals on so that they're perfectly perpendicular to the face? It seems like it would be easy to be off by several degrees because of that rounding.
  12. Most of my rounds are at Liverpool because that's were my league plays. I've been playing a bit more at Timber Banks but the green fees there are painful. I really like Millstone out in Elbridge. Once you get past the first hole it really has a lot of character. Other than those, I'd say Foxfire, Radisson and Battle Island are among my favorites.
  13. Just wanted to say hello. I'm not even sure how I wound up here but it looks like a great place and I've enjoyed reading your forums. I got totally sucked in on the TrueAim thread and ordered yesterday. Can't wait to try it out. I also saw that a number of the testers are from the Saratoga area. I went to school at SUNY Albany and lived in Guilderland for 12 years before moving out to Cuse. A lot of my favorite courses are in the Albany area (Albany Muni, Town of Colonie & the paragon of bad maintenance, Riverview CC) including the Saratoga State Park course now that it does
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