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  1. wondering what other golfers experience is who have used launch monitor when demoing or getting fitted for clubs... does the distance, slice, draw etc. all correspond to the "real" experience when playing a real round of golf? interested to hear your views...
  2. This is what I think too - the superstition around the number 13 is probably too great and we all know how superstitious some golfers are
  3. I could not agree more...we may not like everyone of them but where is the harm in enjoying these ads every now and then?
  4. They sure are! Who's up for a pink driver?
  5. I just hope the real thing lives up to the inevitable hype!
  6. Hi Jim I have used these guys in the past and found them to do exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing exceptional and the rental set they gave me was ok but not brilliant. I think they are well worth using if you plan on some adhoc golf while on a vacation but think I would probably bring my own set (despite not being a brilliant golfer) for a specific golfing vacation. Hope that helps. http://www.golfrentalandsales.com/
  7. A quick shout out to see if the next TM driver will be the R13? and when it might be released?
  8. Hello MyGolfSpy Forum!

  9. Hi just a quick hello from New York. Look forward to getting a lot out of these forums and picking up on the advice from you all... have a great day!
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