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  1. 1. Mike - Chicago, IL 2. 4.5 3. Launcher HB woods, Launcher CBX irons, RTX-3 wedges, I'm really struggling with the putter--please help!, Z-Star ball
  2. Mike, Chicago, IL - 3.2 index Driver - Srixon Z 565 Fairway - Srixon Z F65 3w Irons - Srixon Z 765 Hybrid - Srixon Z H45 Wedges - RTX 3.0 - 50, 54, 58 Raw 2 dots Putter - Huntington Beach 1 Ball - Srixon Z Star This looks like an amazing opportunity for both of us! Me and my golf buddy would get a once in a lifetime trip and golf set and you guys would convert a lifelong Mizuno iron and TaylorMade wood consumer into a strictly Cleveland/Srixon LIFER!
  3. Mike Chicago, IL 3.5 Handicap I would love to give these wedges a go against my RTX 2.0s!
  4. Mike from Illinois. 3.4 handicap. I go through times during the summer when being too neutral at address/impact causes me to thin the ball. I think practicing with this could really make me a more consistent golfer--love the concept!
  5. Mike, Chicago, IL OG RBZ Tour 10.5*, Diamana S+ 62g Stiff 105-108 MPH swing, 250 yard carry
  6. I've always felt I could use a little extra forgiveness in my long irons--specifically my 4i and this could really fit the bill. I've been dying to try this club! First Name: Mike Home State: Illinois Current Handicap: -3.7 Clubs: I bag a Mizuno MP53 4i with a TT DG S400 shaft and an OG Taylormade RBZ 22* hybrid with an original Diamana Blueboard Stiff flex 83g shaft.
  7. Mike, Chicago, IL -3 handicap Mizuno MP-53 - TI DG S400 I have been custom fit I'd love to test something new from Mizuno. I hit a ton of balls and have access to a range and hitting bay in my back yard.
  8. I'm a 5.0 handicap that has always struggled to find a consistent fairway metal. I flip flop between a TourEdge Exotics CB2 and an OG TM RBZ standard head--both in stock stiff flex. Cobra has always interested me because they seem to make heads that are a nice blend of tee and fairway performance. I'd love to give this club a go!
  9. I'm a 5.0 index and a huge Hogan fan (Power Golf, Complete Guide, 5 lessons) so this TESTERS WANTED thread has definitely grabbed my attention! I even still play a classic set from time to time (Apex PCs) that I just could never part with because they're so beautiful. I learned the game on a hand me down set of Apex CB irons from my dad. Getting to try this set would be a dream come true! I guess what "Hogan" means to me is the never ending search (in the dirt) for perfection.
  10. I have access to a GC2 and have a club head speed between 106-110 mph. Also well versed in interpreting LM results.
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