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  1. David - Barrhead Alberta Currently playing 54* CBX2 and 60* Callaway Forged Would test either 54 and 60 or both
  2. I think the bottle in the picture might have dulled the pain a bit.
  3. Adams MB2s desperately want a set of blades.
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is David Donovan and I have finally joined the site I have used for most of my major golf decisions for over a year now. Last year due to me getting over a hip surgery in April (at the age of 24) I decided to use golf as therapy to get back in shape. I started slowly with a few golf lessons (I had a 4 year golf hiatus) and slowly worked to the point that I can now walk 18 holes and still swing a club. Golfing has allowed me to walk long distances which were not supposed to be able to happen, which makes me entirely thankful for this sport. Since coming back
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