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  1. David - Barrhead Alberta Currently playing 54* CBX2 and 60* Callaway Forged Would test either 54 and 60 or both
  2. I think the bottle in the picture might have dulled the pain a bit.
  3. Adams MB2s desperately want a set of blades.
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is David Donovan and I have finally joined the site I have used for most of my major golf decisions for over a year now. Last year due to me getting over a hip surgery in April (at the age of 24) I decided to use golf as therapy to get back in shape. I started slowly with a few golf lessons (I had a 4 year golf hiatus) and slowly worked to the point that I can now walk 18 holes and still swing a club. Golfing has allowed me to walk long distances which were not supposed to be able to happen, which makes me entirely thankful for this sport. Since coming back my scores went from 120 to 98.I thank most of this to MyGolfSpy for giving me a chance to look at every angle before I bought it. Now that I am getting better I plan on going back to the blades I loved to hit as a kid.I just need to find the right set. I hit irons and woods great but just and I am confident that my new putter will help against the current of 2,3 or I hate to admit it 4 putting that hurts my score. Currently in the Bag Driver: Callaway Razr fit Tour Authentic Woods: Ping G20 3 & 5 Irons: Cobra S3 Wedges: Goliath Black fly 60* and Unknown 56* (Really want new wedges) Putter: Ping Scotsdale Tomcat 35"
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