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  1. I always go back if I hit one out of bounds, but I agree with your notion that most dont, and those people who play by the own rules are not affected by the USGA in anyway.
  2. I agree no one owns the game, this isnt an ownership issue to me, this is a governing issue, and the USGA generally governs the game in the US. I agree when playing with your friends the rules only matter as much as you choose to enforce them, you can always choose to not play by the rules or by your own set of rules for fun, and you should if it makes it more fun for you. I agree in competition standardized rules are necessary, but you can have 2 sets of standardized rules, I also enjoy english soccer, but a better analogy for this would be that in the US we have professional and collegiate sports played with similar but not identical rules, I dont see why we cant distinguish the rules of golf in a similar fashion. My opinion of the USGA ruining the game is based on the fact that i think the decisions of the USGA regarding equipment have made the game more difficult for the average player thus reducing participation.
  3. I think all most pros are interested in is a level playing field, as long as they have that I dont think they have much to complain about. Not that we listen to their complaints much anyway.
  4. Option 1 2 sets of rules, 1 for professionals and elite amateur tournaments. 1 for everyone else. Option 2 2 types of golf balls, 1 for professionals and elite amateur tournaments, 1 for everyone else. Option 3 scale back the golf ball and scale back the driver head to levels of 1998-2000 performance, pre 460cc drivers and Pro V1 golf balls. Now I agree that in either case, the average player will choose the professional equipment to his detriment, but at least he will have had a choice of one or the other without being told he was breaking the rules. In the end none of these will happen, the USGA way is one size has to fit all, I guess my biggest axe to grind is that they are saying they have a problem, and then completely failing to address it when they have some very simple solutions. Scale back the golf ball, scale back the driver, thats it, problem solved, can they do it, sure, will they, nope.
  5. EXACTLY, what was wrong with the game the way it was? The USGA might say that they wanted to put an emphasis back on driving accuracy, guys are bombing it 320 and hitting wedges out of the rough effectively not caring that much about driving accuracy. I dont really support this argument, but its the one they make. It's my opinion that the USGA isnt evolving with the game, they continue to want to hold the game to the standards of an outdated era, and whats worse to me is that they are proud of it, if they are the last guys standing on the hill at the end of it all they will be happy that they held up their rules, the game will be dead, but they would be happy. The USGA decided that the current style of play is wrong, but rather than really address the problem, and there are some very simple ways to do it, they have decided on the course of confusing the average player and not really addressing the problem.
  6. to the detriment of most players the tour ball would outsell the weekend ball, unless the weekend ball was advertised to be longer than the tour ball, distance outsells everything
  7. That depends on your definition of ruining the game. If you mean making the game less fun and creating rules that inhibit the growth of the game than yes I think the USGA is ruining the game they swear to protect. Im sure they have their reasons but in my opinion they are stuck in the past and unwilling to move forward as the game evolves. The time has come for 2 sets of rules, one for professionals and elite amateurs and another for weekend recreational players.
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