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  1. It's probbably me, but I can't get the coupon to work. The site "accepts" the coupon, and then "denies" it when I try and check out.
  2. Perception really is everything! I'm very new (less than a year) and not very good. And I don't mind. I keep up the pace, and don't bother the rest of the group...And rarely keep score if I'm out by myself (except for a general idea, so I know if I'm improving at all). I have a good time, and I really enjoy the whole "thing" of golf - The game itself, the time on the course with my friends, a day outside, a beer at the clubhouse afterwards. It doesn't get better than that! I might even have the occasional beer at the turn. I know "me". And I know, sooner or later, I'll get competitive. It's bound to happen. If it does, it does. But for now, I truly don't care how I do. If I hit a nice drive once in awhile, or a decent flop shot, or a nice shot out of the rough (I get a lot of practice with those....) - My day is complete! It doesn't take much to keep me happy, at the moment! To each his own! Hal
  3. While I agree, that looks like the trend...I started late last year - at 54. After 54 years of "no interest in golf" (nothing against it - just never caught my interest), I was approached by my manager at work, who "suggested" I learn. (As in, "Why not get in on this? Golf outings are great, and we can always use another engineer out there with the sales staff"). So, ok. I looked into it. And signed up for a half dozen lessons. I had never held a golf club before...... But I gave it a shot. I was very fortunate to have a good friend, who was "really" into golf, and (as a hobby) makes his own clubs. He re-shafted and re-gripped a set for me, so I had something to start out with. And here I am. 11 months later. Hopelessly addicted! I only get out about every other week, my handicap is a joke, and (in general) I'm your basic terrible player (but with a VERY firm grasp of etiquette, and how to maintain "pace of play".) But I'm actually enjoying it - a lot! Who knew? And I'm getting better as time goes on - Well, with nowhere to go but up, that's no real surprise! And I found MGS, and have been lurking and learning ever since! Hal
  4. I use a commemorative coin issued by my motorcycle club. Since it's a little larger than a poker chip, if I'm on (or near) someone's line, I use a dime instead.
  5. As far as the 14S is concerned, yes, the putter well will easily accept the new "Jumbo" grips.
  6. I have a new 14S, and the putter well is large enough to accommodate the "Jumbo" putter grips. In fact, if you test it using a "Jumbo" grip attached to a short section of shaft, it will easily drop all the way in to the bottom of the putter well. (Don't ask me how I know this.....)
  7. I had the same concerns - As a newbie, I tend to carry extra clubs on "practice rounds". I have a (Brand New!) Callaway Org 14S Cart Bag, with a 14 slot top (and a putter well). I can easily fit 16 clubs in the bag, plus a putter. Two of the "top slots" are oversize (perhaps for this reason, although I tend to think it had more to do with the shape of the bag). The Org XT also has a couple of oversize slots. It might work out the same. Just a thought!
  8. Greetings! By way of introduction, I live in Pennsylvania, and have (very) recently taken up golf. I've been following the forums and reviews for a while, and appreciate all the information and tips! Hal
  9. Glove - Cooltech Birdie Hat - Pinstripe
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