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  1. Michael, Prescott, AZ 87-90 mph Callaway Epic Flash Have not played Nippon Modus, but have hit them on the range.
  2. Mike Prescott, AZ Yes, 3 times a week A row wheel GolfEagle
  3. Michael / Prescott, AZ The only net I used was in an indoor practice facility. This would be great to used during the winter months by myself and golfing neighbors.
  4. Michael / Prescott, AZ The first time I signed up to utilize an indoor practice facility during the cold/ snow months when I lived in Colorado. it would be great for me and my golf playing neighbors.
  5. Kaz - Prescott, AZ 10.3 Footjoy - Flex Zone Comfort, stability , traction, waterproof, style
  6. Michael - Prescott, ArizonA 10.3 Titleust Vokey SM6 Style, Looks & Cleveland’s earned reputation
  7. Kaz - Prescott, AZ Course putting green. I did have a practice putting Matt many years ago, unfortunately it was on the patio and the weather got the best of it. We have 2 public courses & the greens are different for each course. This putting green would certainly give me an advantage to practice for each course.
  8. Michael - Arizona Handicap - 10.3 Titleist AP2 714 WITB: Callaway Epic Flash-Graphite Design Tour AD 6 Stiff Tour Edge CBX 119 Aerotech Standard 70 Stiff Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrid 19* KBS Prototype 70 Titkeist AP2 714 irons 4-PW KBS C Taper 110 Reg Vokey Wedges 50*, 54*, 58* KBS Hi-Rev
  9. 10.3 - Prescott, AZ Titleist AP2 714s Knowledge of Sub 70 is limited to what I’ve seen and read in MGS’ most wanted testing and reviews.
  10. Michael Kazmier - Arizona Yes - GolfShot App, GolfLogix App, 18 Birdies App, Arccos sensors
  11. Michael - AZ 10 Titleist 714 AP2 147
  12. Michael - Prescott, AZ Guess-timate the yardages It can be a great way to learn the distances your clubs play
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