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  1. I've always been convinced nike were going to become number 1. They're too big not to was my theory. But they keep screwing up, and I'm not so convinced anymore. Product is good, but marketing has been awful. And Nike are a marketing company! The play in the now campaign means nothing to anyone. They keep failing to leverage the brand power they have, and they've been going long enough now that I think they should have made bigger inroads then they have. I agree for nike to make a real play for domination they should try to buy the driver count. And the putter count. Callaway are on the right tracks. I think they will emerge a strong number two again and maybe even regain number 1 in Europe where they are traditionally strong. The company that is in free fall is Cleveland. They're in an uncontrollable tailspin. Product is uninspiring and they need to throw some budget at the situation. Adams will become stronger and stronger under tmag. Everyone worried about quality of Product but if anything this years designs are their best ever. And outside of the US they have so much room for growth.
  2. I picked up one of these on ebay with a diamana whiteboard 73 X. It feels great and flies well, no problem getting it airborne. I had been using an MP650 with a ahina 70x so it's a pretty close comparison, but I definitely find this easier to hit off the deck. The new Nike Covert tour, admittedly with stock shaft, didn't even compare.
  3. Got my samples to try this week will test them tomorrow weather permitting. The tour driver looks stunning. The shape is perfect, deeper faced and smaller looking than the ltd. the three wood looks good but the hosel does look a little chunky. Also very different size wise to the mp650 and rc vs tour I currently use.
  4. New spider s comes in heel shafted flow neck.
  5. I've not hit the 380 but it's a lovely looking driver. So is the 420. I have hit hit the zero iron. It's ok. Its not a looker, and has a lot of offset. Personally more so than any other type of club I find driving irons very similar whoever manufactures them. I would save your money, and get a Callaway x tour or mizuno mp fli hi, any generation, or a Bridgestone air muscle. Get them bent down to 16, (I had an airmuscle 21 bent to 18 that was great) and save yourself some cash.
  6. What are you going for?, the whole ezone range is solid. Heard great things about the mbs. Managed to get my three wood today. Mint for £100. New in the uk they are £200. Now it's what shaft goes in. I'm guessing Kai li 80 x, but it's my club makers call.
  7. Golf mechanic and tourspec are the two I've come across in the us, think golftec can get it for you as well. Will peoples has also had a couple of heads go through him. I'm in the uk and Yonex is easy to get hold of but no one offers head only. And it's expensive. I'm currently trying to get hold of a three wood. I hit one recently with a blue board 83 x in and it felt and went phenomenally. Looks great to boot. My club maker is convinced they are the best fairway woods since Sonartec.
  8. I think were talking a dfs style adjustable shaft length.
  9. MP Titanium. Mizuno have made a rocket launcher.
  10. 5 guys is amazing. But if you ever find yourself, and I know this is unlikly, in Brighton in the UK, you need to try a grubs double Malaysian burger, peanut butter and chilli sauce. Awesome, and the fries are amazing. With regards to the golf, Poults has got a point, although I don't think it is clear cut as that. I'm really interested to see how Casey can get on this weekend, as I believe he is the most talented of the UK guys. Rose as well will definitely bag a major at some point. And although he had a bad day yesterday Rory Mcilroy will win multiple opens in time.
  11. A Bettinard BB Zero with modified fit face made from copper A newport Buttonback in black A BB5 with modified fit face
  12. Rapture is no more, K15 will be serious game improvement product.
  13. They are for a japanese version of mini golf, I can't remember what it is called.
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