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  1. Another update. Back to the r11s. I love that head. I feel like David Toms. I used to fit him. He consistently left 10-15 yards in the bag. But he liked the launch window of his gamer. that's how I feel. I hit the GBB farther. I love the flight of r11s. It's still in the bag. never thought I'd replace what I had. All in all, it's turned out pretty good.
  2. So----the GBB is great with the Paderson. Now to get it into an M1.
  3. "swing smoothly?" I am unfamiliar with that concept...
  4. Updated with a surprise ending... http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/13186-forum-member-review-paderson-shafts/?p=157721
  5. Looks like I'm last. I'll have mine up tonight. I wanted to give this thing a real review, and not some bullshit THP review. Played it on about 2 dozen courses, under all conditions. It does not measure up on Trackman, but narrows the gap in the real world.
  6. OK, it's about time to post the full review. Here is a small snapshot. I currently use either an Oban v430 tour proto, or a GD P9003x in my 12* R11s. I am a very low ball hitter. I've been playing at 45.25 for about a decade. After reading about the stability of this shaft (in an x-flex) I decided to play this at 44.5. So, not a true apples to apples, but close. I've stayed off the Trackman, as I refuse to use it until I've p,aged the shaft. Here are my initial thoughts. The BIIIIIG misses associated with my game are gone. I'm the worst 1 hdcp driver of the golf ball on the planet. If i
  7. This became a one time review, as opposed to review and follow-up. WIfe has cancer. Didn't play much. End of shitty part of the review... Back to the review. I said I'd give it a full run. I played it at 44.75" in a 12* R11s. Normal shaft is a Oban Tour Proto, 44.75", X-flex. Read to the end. This review changed as of 7:15 this morning. I am the worst driving 1hdcp player in the world. SS averages 110-115. I'll hit drives in places you can't believe, and in a bad way. I want straighter. I have a violent transition. There is nothing flowing or leisurely or "hey, nice tempo" in my sw
  8. I would love nothing more than to have some real world info on this shaft--but this stupid snow precludes it from happening. I was happy to get the box, unhappy with the forecast! Shaft certainly looks good. My 9 year old son asked if he could have it in his Callaway driver. I laughed. If distinctive looks was one of the goals, they achieved that. I, however, am the sole remaining "I could not care less what it looks like" guys I know. Need some melt, and fast. This will be tested against an Oban Tour Proto v430 x-flex, and a Graphite Design P9003x. Love them both. It's going to have to
  9. Nothing would make me happier than having course impressions. Nothing. But, ice. So no dice. Still. I'm going crazy
  10. So, what's your definition of a good basketball player?
  11. What I've noticed most often is that the good golfer will consciously make a swing change if he doesn't like the ball flight of the driver you have given him. I play a 12* R11s. Love it. When I hit something else that is lower lofted, I will absolutely change the AoA to make the ballflight look better to my eye. It's not the right thing to do. It is actually harmful to the fit. But almost every 2 hdcp or better that I fit does it.
  12. Snow/ice can kiss by butt. I'm about to go freaking crazy. And no end in sight. I had to take "unboxing" pics in the dam living room. I hate this...
  13. Got mine on Monday. Been a busy week. Wife had her second surgery this week. I haven't even opened the box yet. WIll open, take pics, then go to my guy to get a TP tip put on--then hit the LM this week. Cannot wait!! I need the distraction!
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