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  1. I think if Tiger wastes his time suing this bum it will end up about whether he cheated or not. Not whether Chamblee libeled Tiger. Because that will be Chamblee's defense did Tiger cheat or not.Then we'll have rules officials, video tape of the so called offense and if they find that Tiger broke the rules in court Chamblee is found innocent of libel and Tiger is found to be a cheater in a court of law( obviously not legally) and that will be forever.
  2. I am interested in the lie angle off your plumbers neck. It looks more like 69-68 degrees as opposed to the usual 70. Is it flatter? Is it also adjustable? Thanks Bill
  3. Just another putter that pays no homage to Karsten Solheim much like Scotty Cameron,Bettinardi you name it. There has been very little progress in technology other than these so called things that make the ball roll straighter. What people don't realize is that all you have to do is take off loft from 4 degrees to 2 degrees and the ball will roll more effectively.4 degrees was incorporated because of green conditions. The green conditions of 70s are rougher than the fairways on today's courses.So 4 degrees is no longer needed.So take some loft off and have more direct roll. The OEMs won't tell you that because they have to sell more product. Should I get off my soap box???????
  4. Callaway's problem has always been "They are better than everyone else"and I don't mean in the technology way but in a elitist way.I worked in the golf industry and found that true with the type of person buying Callaway.I also believe that is killing the golf industry and it has always been a hurdle because of the attitude that golf is an elitist sport. The pricing from all OEMs has gone out of control.How is someone who is thinking about picking up the game going to react when they see the pricing for new top branded equipment? They are going to turn around and leave the store and not want to pick up the game. The game itself is hard enough.
  5. Scotty cameron hasn't had an original idea.I think his putters are as good as anything out there but for once I would like to hear him thank Karsten Solheim. bp
  6. I don't get it is a pull or push bag? or is it a travel bag? Can the bag fit on a golf cart? Can you take the wheels off? I think if it is a push/pull bag the wheels would have to be wider or you'll be dumping the cart to either side. Almost a great idea.
  7. Ping is a great company.They saw a chance to help somebody and they did. Where are all they other companies paying their tour players millions of dollars a year but can't put in the time to help this gentleman.These big companies always forget it's us the non pro players that pay their bills.
  8. MacGregor always makes the mistake when they don't stay with the players irons like Mizuno, Titleist.Last year they went back to the players equipment now they're out of their minds again.Decide what the company is and stay with it.This new equipment looks like it's from Mars.
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