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  1. I got the crappy 20% discount as well. Problem is, there is virtually nothing for sale of value from tgw on amazon. I just sent the following email to tgw through amazon. Everyone who got their order through should send an email to tgw to show their distaste. Maybe if enough people complain, they will up the ante. "I ordered 3 sets of clubs (Order #104-4974225-9279445) from you that were canceled. There was a price listed and I ordered the clubs at the price listed. You then sent me an email stating that the price was incorrect and you would not be honoring the price. For my troubles I will receive a 20% discount on any in stock item from TGW on amazon.com. Problem is, there is virtually nothing in stock of value. There are 2 woods, both older models. 2 wedges, both older models. No golf art. Virtually nothing of any value is available for purchase on amazon.com from TGW. You stated a price and I was willing to pay it. False advertising is what happened. You made a mistake and did nothing to correct it. I am sure you don't care, but just wanted to let you know that I will never be using your services again. I found a deal and it was refused. It is YOUR fault, not mine. You should bear the brunt of your mistakes, not me."
  2. In other words guys, they missed out on getting their order placed before TGW figured out their mistake!
  3. They will probably ship one club and then I will have to pay return shipping to get my refund, effectively losing money in this deal somehow...
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