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  1. As a caddie at Dallas National who uses an older BUSHNELL Tour Z6 rangefinder (that's seen better days) on a 3 day a week basis & being an avid + handicap golfer who both myself and members rely on quick & accurate yardages, I'd love to test the latest and greatest. Mike Rausch Fort Worth, TX
  2. I was going through some pictures of some of the clubs in pros bags, and noticed a LOT of them are heavy on the use of lead tape. Does it really affect the head weight SO much that they need to put it on there? Sometimes you'll see 1, 2 pieces. Others, you see it bulked up on the back of them. Does anyone use lead tape? If so, what affect does it have on you ball striking? Do you use it on your irons? Wedges? I'm a low single digit handicap and have never known the answer to why this is done.
  3. Very very cool of Kevin. I'm not only a guy who uses an obese staff bag, but I do caddying on the side for mini-tour guys and they also have staff bags. I am desperate. This is so awesome. Big kudos and good karma for sure.
  4. Scratch is making some damn sexy blades right now. Here's a couple tour custom irons, including Ryan Moore's. Also a fan of the Vega RAF-CM Black Satin irons.
  5. Here's a link to more info on the CG Japan website. I'm not a fan of the bounce options for these, but they are made for Japan guys who don't take much of a divot. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a U.S. version in 2011! I think there's a niche market for them here since they would be a bit pricier. www.clevelandgolf.co.jp/club/wedges/cg15forged.html
  6. These are spy pics from another site (sorry MGS, but they're not as big as you anyways) of a Japan only release CG15 Tour Zip Grooves FORGED wedges. No one really knows about these. I am just wondering if they'll ever be released in the U.S. Word is, they won't be. Also wondering why none of the tour guys are gaming these. But nonetheless I. WANT. THESE.
  7. Gee thanks. HAHA. All these tour caddies surely aren't using the same Loop they've had for years and years. They've gotta be getting em from somewhere!
  8. I can't seem to find "the loop" single strap for my staff bag. So I went online to try and find a replacement, NO DICE. Sun Mountain no longer makes it, and I can't find anything comparable. I do NOT want to replace my nice Staff bag shoulder strap with an Izzo dual strap either. I am JUST looking for a single loop to add on. Can anyone help? Does anyone make anything comparable?
  9. Mic more of the caddies/players. It's interesting when we hear the dynamic of conversations between players and their caddies on what influences their shot decisions. Hearing banter between the players would also be interesting.
  10. I've been playing golf for 18 years, played everything from Titleist 976D, Callaway Big Bertha series, and TaylorMade Burner drivers, went to Cleveland Launcher 460 a few years ago up until this year, when the DST came out. This is by far the longest driver I've ever played. I play an 8.5 with a Miyazaki 61X Black and the RPM rate is so ridiculously low. I just love the traditional look at address, the sound isn't baseball bat like or overbearingly loud, and it's so lightweight, I have gained 7 MPH in my swing speed. It's so money. I challenge anyone to test the DST against their own driver an
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