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  1. Driver Swing Speed of 100-105 MPH Handicap is 6.1 Always a hesitant golf ball buyer, so it would help me greatly to actually test what I could end up being a repeat customer of! Thanks for the opportunity! -TE
  2. Hey guys! Check out Pinemeadow Golf's LIVE weekly webcast TODAY at 11am! Pinemeadow Live is a weekly webcast hosted by the President of Pinemeadow Golf and our staff. We discuss current news in the world of golf, take viewer questions on air live, and talk about hot deals on clubs exclusive to people watching the show! Tune in each week on Wednesday at 11am and keep up with the boys! Follow the link here to view the live webcast! Thanks for watching! http://pinemeadowgol...m/c/2013-10-30/
  3. Richard, Happy New Year to you and yours as well! Thank you, I enjoyed chatting with you, too. We hope that we can continue to build off the vision that Chris had and be successful. We plan to stick to our guns and provide a quality line of scoring clubs that doesn't break the bank. I do love the putters just as much as the wedges, and everyone can check out www.CarnahanGolf.com to see the them. Cheers, Tyler
  4. RB7, These are some pretty sweet customizations on the wedges! We appreciate the creativity and love that you can share these with the MyGolfSpy community. Just goes to show how personal wedges are... Keep up the good work! Cheers, TE
  5. Guys, I actually could be wrong on the grooves of the samples, check on the hosel and if it says C.CARNAHAN then they aren't conforming but if it says V-GROOVE then they are conforming. Apologies for the confusion, I'm pretty sure we just had more of the old grooves in stock so we sent you those for testing. Cheers, Tyler
  6. R.P. I answered the phone when you called a bit ago! The wedges that were used for the testing have the square grooves, but we offer them with the conforming V-Grooves as well. For next year, all of our wedges will come with V-Grooves standard.
  7. I would guess the reason you were taking bigger divots with the 52 and 56 would be because of the narrower width of the sole and leading edge compared to the 60. As you go up in loft, you should notice a difference in the curvature of the leading edge and sole. Let me know if that makes sense or not.
  8. Hey Guys! My name is Tyler and I'm a weekend player, weekday practicer from Portland, OR. I love talking about new golf products with other people who care, so I'm glad to be here. Looking forward to being a contributing member of the community! I also currently work at Carnahan Golf, so feel free to ask me questions about them on here and I'll try to be as punctual as possible in getting back to you. Cheers, Tyler
  9. Hey Guys! Tyler here from the Carnahan Golf office. I wanted to reach out to all three reviewers and everyone who has been joining the conversation on here and thank you for the invaluable feedback that you provide for us! We truly appreciate it and love learning more about what you guys like/want/need. Feel free to ask me questions on here and I'll try to be as punctual as possible in getting back to you. Let me know! Cheers, Tyler Go low. @Tyler_Elliott
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