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  1. Happy to give it a try. 9hcp, playing twice per week recently. Been using a Bushnell handheld for 2 years. Thanks! Lexington, SC Patric
  2. Hi again all. Let me know how to post and I'll try my best to get 'em all in one picture - it will be a challenge. What is it about putters that I cannot try, essentially, anything that catches my eye? My Dad bought me the BB42 about 4 years ago - he picked up a couple of the Millennium Series Bettinardis from the same fellow - I believe they were/are the Major Tournament Series that Bob put out in 2000? They are beautiful - Dad put them away still with the protective plastic on the heads and grips. I'd like to see them again. Thanks for the comments all - I wasn't notified of them, just happened to check in. Here is a link from when I/we purchased it: http://www.freegolfinfo.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=1589777 EDIT: My father's Bettis are from the Major Championship Series (2000) and mine is, as referenced in the above post, from the Millennium Series - thanks MSat. Best, LL
  3. First time poster and admitted putter ho. 25 flatsticks in my garage bag and gaming a Betti BB42. Oh (ho), the shame... P
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