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  2. Well, I'm getting rid of my i20 and going back to the Titleist 910/913. I'm kicking myself for ever getting rid of the 910 I had. My question for everyone: What shaft out there is comparable to the Graphite Design EV-7? That shaft with the 910D2 head was the best combo I have ever played. I might pull the DI-7 shaft out of the Ping and give it a try but really want the EV-7 or something very similar. Thank you all for any help, Jason
  3. I think it is because there were a limited number printed. I know you can stumble on some 3rd or 4th editions fairly reasonable.
  4. Hello, The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses, and The Anatomy of a Golf Course: The Art of Golf Architecture both by Tom Doak are great. Masters of Design: The Golf Courses of Colt, Mackenzie, Alison and Morrison by Peter Pugh and Henry Lord. Golf Course Architecture in America by Geo. C. Thomas Jr. Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects: A Treasury of the World's Greatest Golf Courses by History's Master Designers by Michael Shiels. I hope this helps and you enjoy them. Jason
  5. This has been a good topic to read about. I am a Golf Course Superintendent and have sent out a few resumes over the last week or so. I wanted you all to read the end of my cover letter and I believe it pretty much sums up what you all are talking about aside from a few things. "Personal values and wholesome ethics motivate me to strive for optimal performance, and I pride myself for being an individual who has earned the trust and respect of all for whom I have worked and of all who have worked for me. While it is easy to make a golf course green, it is the combination of attention to detail and kind service given to the members and guests which truly separate a memorable golf experience from the mediocre. I would be honored to have the opportunity to both share and further develop my talents at the" One thing I've learned about this business is it's so hard to get a customer to return after you have lost them because of a horrible experience. You may get new customers in there but overtime it's the repeat business that will pay your bills. It's a shame that some of the owners, management companies, and Pro's out there do have the attitude of you need us we don't need you. If anyone knows anywhere looking to hire a Superintendent let me know
  6. Looks great. I'd like to try one of the Black Ops shafts. I've heard nothing but good things about them. Take care, Jason
  7. I was actually at a club in Michigan and just moved back to Akron recently. I was at Firestone for about 6 years. The Club I was at in Michigan unfortunatley succombed to hard economic times and unfortunately closed so now I'm looking for a new job. I have a few interviews scheduled in January and hopefully wil be moving down south or out west. I'll try to attach a few pictures from the tournament at Firestone. They were taken from the top of the water tower. Have a Happy New Year, Jason
  8. They have the Matrix Ozik Altus shaft. I've played this shaft in other hybrids and really like it. If I were to go with a steel shaft it would definitely be the KBS. My friend has the KBS in his 19* XTD and it's really good as well. For me it launches very high and with the xtd head it's ridiculously long. I've actually seen him stop the ball on a really firm green from about 235-240 out. I do not have any experience with the Talamonti or the TT BiMatrix other than reading a few things about them. All in all if I get rid of the altus I would more than likely go with the KBS. Thanks, Jason
  9. Well Santa was nice to me this year, lol. He brought me a pro a12 in 18* and 20*. Now I need to go hit both of them and figure out if I want to play them both or just one and add another wedge. Well I hope you all are having a safe and fun holiday season. Take care
  10. I am. That's a beautiful property. I had the priveledge of meeting Herb Kohler once. He's a very humble individual. I would like to any of the courses there once.
  11. That's what I've been looking for and after reading the review on here it sounds like a good fit for me. It also has the Altus shaft which is my favorite hybrid shaft. Thanks
  12. Thanks, lol. I have my days with the old girl . As far as hybrids I have been looking at the pro black and the a12 pro.
  13. Well here are some pics of WIMB. I need some help figuring out a hybrid, lol. I've played the cobra, TM Rescue 11, and RBZ Tour TP's this year but none of them won me over. The last pic is my putter. I've had it for about 22 years and always go back to her. I've just never found another to replace her. Thanks, Jason
  14. Check out Red Rock. It's an amazing property. If it's early enough out there and the Bermuda hasn't came back yet it's very cool to play. They overseed everything but the fairways(and greens of course, they are bentgrass there). So you hit bombs that seem to roll forever on the dormant fairways. Very fun to play.
  15. Dye is great as well. While at OSU there were 2 Dye courses in the Columbus area. Greenbelt, a very nice, affordable track. It was a blast to play. Then there was The Golf Club in New Albany. Fantastic course. A true heartbreak was when Bostom Mills about 15 minutes north of Akron was let go. I haven't been up that way in awhile so I'm not sure if it's housing or shopping center now. It was a great property but the economy just couldn't support the course and it's needs. Ross is another great one. With Corr and Crenshaw doing the restoration on Pinehurst #2, It's on my list of all time favorites. Simply beautiful. I can't wait to see the Open in 14 or 15 there, I can't remember. I have a few I absolutely despise but I do not want to mention names. I do not want to burn any bridges, lol. Another great website I can spend hours upon hours on is www.golfclubatlas.com. It shows so many properties from all around the world. After reading so much about it on that site and the influence it had on so many greats I would have to say that the National Golf Links of America is the course I would love to play. Hell even to just walk around it and try to soak it all in would be great. Sorry to ramble on again but check that site out if you have a few hours to spare.
  16. Hello everyone, Just wanted to know who your favorite course architect and course is and why. My favorites would be: Current- Tom Doak and Mike Devries These guys are pure minimalist. They take the lay of the land and create masterpieces without moving an obscene amount of dirt. Pacific Dunes and Old Macdonald are two of my favorites that Doak has done, but every course he's done is amazing in its own right. You can go to www.renaissancegolf.com and see a list of his work. Mike Devries has done some amazing properties as well. The Kingsley Club and Greywalls are my two favorite of his. Go to devriesdesigns.com to see some of his work. I had the priveledge of meeting these men and playing a few of their courses while living and working in Northern Michigan. I will say my favorite course in Michigan is Forest Dunes Golf Club. A good friend of mine is the superintendent and it is an amazing property. If you are in Northern Michigan it's a must that you play this property. It's a Tom Weiskopf design but different than any other Weiskopf course I've ever played. Classic- Seth Raynor, Alister MacKenzie, Bert Wray, Robert Trent Jones Bert Wray was the original architect for the South Course at Firestone CC (1928) with Jones doing the renovation(1960)With Firestone being in my back yard growing up and then having the priveledge to work there for 6 years. You just get this this feeling you can't describe when you step foot on the course (whether you're playing or working) Seth Raynor and Alister MacKenzie. Their names speak for themselves. If you are a golf purist there is nothing better. With Raynor you have Shoreacres, Grennbrier, Camargo, and list goes on. Here is a great article about Seth Raynor http://www.golfcoursearchitecture.net/Article/Seth-Raynor-paradoxical-designer/2005/Default.aspx With Alister MacKenzie you have Crystal Downs, The Scarlet and Grey courses at my alma mater Ohio State, The Old Course at St Andrews with Old Tom Morris, Augusta, and the list goes on. I was fortunate to get to play the courses at Ohio State whenever time permitted and even got to play The University of (cough, cough) Michigan course and Crystal Downs while living in Michigan. I hope one day to have the honor and priveledge of maintaining any of the gentlemen listed above works of art. Trying to keep it, to the best of my abilities, the way they invisioned and built the properties. Sorry I tend to ramble on when discussing the above, but I guess you can say I'm passionate about it. Can't wait to hear back from some you and thanks for reading, Jason
  17. Just wanted to say hello. I'm Jason. I'm a golf course superintendent and yes us grubby grass growers can play a little too,lol. I've been visiting your site for awhile now and appreciate the unbiased info you all provide. Thanks and I look forward to chiming in every now again. If you all have any questions for me I'll try my best to answer them.
  18. My normal routine is: Personal email Work email Facebook Turfnet.com GCSAA.com Then during lunch it's random like: ESPN.com MGS Youtube Work email At night: Personal email Facebook MGS Lamebook.com (makes me laugh every night) Then I might go back to turfnet or GCSAA to read another article or finish reading one I started earlier in the day
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