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  2. This is exactly what is prescribed in the Tamayo book RP recommended. It's a little different than what Hardy says in that he wants the right arm to pull the left arm and chest back. Tamayo is almost more of a pamphlet in that I read it cover to cover in about 30-40 min. Might as well check it out since you are already on the same wavelength. If you have a kindle its $4.99.
  3. RP, thanks for the Tamayo book recommendation I just ordered it for my kindle. As for my "aha" moment, I don't expect a 170 yd 7-iron to become part of my game from now on (if ever). What I took from Hardy's book is that I was working at cross purposes with regard to how to power a swing, and it definitely simplified my movements. I've since bought all his books and most of the dvd's and as much as I'd like to take a lesson from a plane truth certified instructor, the only one in my area (and he must be a good one) goes for $175/hr. So, I'm gonna see what I can get out of the self-study material before I make that investment. Thanks for the responses everybody. I'll be playing Friday for the first time since that range session, I'll report back with the results.
  4. Tyk - Just read the post you refer to - NICE. Answered my question and taught me something too. Might even help explain why my insight worked as well as it did - I was able to quit worrying about positions and mechanics and just concentrate on the much simpler matter of which muscles should be used to apply the energy that ultimately moves the club on the appropriate plane. All of the other swing movements (or lack thereof) were already pretty well ingrained and I was able to get out of my own way.
  5. A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to get better. At that time I rarely broke 100. So I took some lessons from Golf Tech and got consistently into the 90's. Since then I've I've bought a lot of DVDs, read books, watched youtube videos, etc. I think my ball striking got a little more consistent, my handicap dropped a couple of points, but my distance didn't improve. A well struck 7 iron for me has always been 140 yds. Recently, I picked-up Jim Hardy's Plane Truth and its been something of a revelation. I took some of his one-plane ideas to the range and after about half a bucket, I was hitting (some of) my shots 170-175 with the 7 iron. Finishing the bucket, I grabbed another small bucket to try his tow-plane version. After about a dozen balls I was again hitting my 7 iron about 170 yds (with a little more dispersion). Two days later I went back to the range and replicated the results. Since then I haven't hit any balls due to weather and a minor knee surgery. I feel like I finally understand how to power a golf swing; however, I can't count how many times I've thought I was on to something only to find that either I wasn't, or that it had escaped me. Anyway, I'm wondering if such dramatic insight/improvement experiences are at all common in learning the swing. Since I cant play right now, I cant test the theory and I'm hoping to hear similar stories of how your swing improved after some critical insight.
  6. True Tour: $79.95, True Phx: $59.95 and free shipping over $75 at In the hole golf (sorry, don't know how to link) Just ordered a couple pair, hope they fit.
  7. Great site you have here. I've already bought several bits of gear based on the reviews and will probably buy more before the day is done. Just had knee surgery so I don't have much to do besides obsess about golf and shop the internet.
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