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  1. I always recommend AeroTech SteelFibers. They are my favorite graphite iron shafts. i gained 10 yards the day i put them in, and i didnt lose any control (actually, it seemed to get better....odd as that sounds). if ylou dont like that idea, Matrix HD Programs, and Graphite Design Tour AD's are a close second......but double the price. hope that helps
  2. yes tracy yes donna ping anser x
  3. the only problem i have with them is the weight. they are about 30g heavier than the iomic for the midsize. that bothers me, because it lowers the headweight of the putter.
  4. i was wondering.....when you do a YES! putter, do you remove the insert, and then reinstall it after the coating, or do you just go around it ??? the reason i ask is because im concerned that maybe it will not last as long if it is removed.....or maybe it will feel different having been removed. thoughts ???
  5. the Pickemup model might just be the best putter ive ever used. balance, weight, feel, and control are as good or better than many models that are 3x the $$$
  6. what about the insert putters (Yes !). i have a Yes Donna. Would it be legal to do this with it ??
  7. i think tity is just trying to capture a new market, much like ping did with the anser irons. they're trying to capture a segment they dont currently have.
  8. i should be receiving my Pink NVS on tuesday. i love the aldila closeout shop.
  9. does the feel of the ball off the face change at all ??
  10. beautiful. the white one is one of the best looking putters ive seen. great job.
  11. so...its august now. ihavent heard any new news on sc being moved. has anything happened with this, or are we still waiting ??
  12. ive had a few....but the longest is my Ping I15 without a doubt.
  13. lamont, if i may ask......when you ground off the old stamping on the rear of the club, didnt that change the weight, or look of the club ??? i really want to know because ive always been scared to do that for fear of changing the chemistry of the club. thanks
  14. i bought a hybrid from him. excellent seller.
  15. does anyone have any idea where you can buy the letter stamps ??? this looks so easy and cool that i will have to do it
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