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  1. Matt, unless I misundersand you I don't think it is a one plane swing as the device is adjustable and the DVD instructions show the use of all clubs from wedges to Driver (different planes for each length but essentially a single correct plane if that makes sense....) Anyway I did a review modeling after what I've seen here and elsewhere. OK here is my first review post on mygolfspy.com of Hank Haney's PlaneFinder. I have posted it at Click here to view my Review. I'm interested in feedback on both the product and the review itself. Here is the text but I was unable to get the photos and video into this post. Golf Swing and Training Aid Reviews Reviewing Golf Game Improvement Tools 25 Aug 2011 Hank Haney PlaneFinder Review and Video This is a review of the Hank Haney Planefinder a Golf Swing Trainer that helps a golfer develop a golf swing that is "on plane". The review has two parts. Part one is the assembly and part two is a video showing actual use of the product. Part 1 I received the PlaneFinder which is packaged in a box with lots of nice color photos of the product and product parts. The box should be used as a visual aid when assembling the product. What I found in the box was a clean package of parts in a sealed bag and some instructions. I opened up the bag and laid out the parts to begin the assembly process. 1 of 2 All parts look a little intimidating at first but I went ahead and began the process of putting things together, making note of my watch as I began with instructions in hand. The first step was laying out the base of the product as per the instructions. Then I went about connecting each of the individual parts continuing to follow the instructions which are pretty well written. It all came together pretty quickly. (click through my photos below to see the progression). 1 of 3 With the base complete, the last few steps involve adjustments for the proper swing angle and the adjustment of the width of the path. The width adjustment is simple, it is color coded with a flip lock that is widest when it is at or in the green position and narrow when at or near the red position (from the right of the device). To properly adjust open the flip lock slide the base parts apart to the desired width (again I recommend starting in the "green position), then lock into place. As explained in the DVD and instructions, you want to start swing with a wider path opening until you hone in your swing with the device. 1 of 6 The next step is to adjust the angle so that your club rests naturally into the swing path without hitting the plastic pennants. There is an optional hitting board that you can use that provides some feedback when practicing as explained by Hank Haney in the DVD. See the final assembled PlaneFinder below. All told it took me 15 minutes to assemble, even while taking pictures as I went. It is not a difficult process. Here is a quick video of the PlaneFinder in my backyard and a bit about how it works and why. (download) I really like that I can use it in my backyard and get instant feedback on my swing. I'm guessing that most things that are wrong with the swing have to do with not swinging on plane and this device helps hone in the proper swing if you use it frequently. The cost is $119, which is less than the cost of most clubs and can potentially lower your score by much more than buying a bunch of new clubs with crazy claims of more distance and accuracy. It also comes with an instructional DVD with Hank Haney who provides some basic fundamental instruction and tips on using the PlaneFinder. You can get more info and buy one at the Planefinder Web site http://www.theplanefinder.com
  2. Wow, the last time I checked that page was stagnant for months. It looks like they have a bunch of new contests now...
  3. Cool, I need to get posting so I can participate. I've just finished a training aid review of my own, I will post it to the Golf Aid section.
  4. Looking for opinions on the PlaneFinder (http://theplanefinder.com) and hopefully a review on The PlaneFinder and Hank Haney's instruction for keeping the golf swing on plane. Since it is on the Golf Channel I'm hoping one of the Spys are going to review as part of the Gadget week.
  5. I wonder how they are doing with the crisis in Japan?
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