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  1. I love it. But I'm listening to Sunny Day Real Estate right now, so what do I know.
  2. Y'all know he didn't win the Sony Open, right? Apparently Golf Channel didn't.
  3. Gee, and I've always thought it was soup. Boy was I off.
  4. Hey, I'm pretty sure they used a video of my playing a bunker shot, or they found someone who's as bad as me. EDIT: Yay, this is my par post.
  5. So, the last time I played golf I decided to play from the red tees and to use my five iron off the tee on all of the par 4's and 5's. It's fun. Now I know what it's like to be able to hit greens in regulation and what it's like to not have to hit 3 wood for every second shot. Golf is good. Now all I have to do if figure out how to hit my driver further than 140 yards and without a 20 yard slice.
  6. Your round will be over early and you'll have finally broken 80?
  7. One of the jobs of a caddy is to be a verbal punching bag. People blame other people for stuff all the time. I really don't think this is a big deal.
  8. But.... but... what will happen to the iron headcover market. Millions will lose their jobs!
  9. Psh, you just want me to lose the avatar contest. Well I'm not falling for your tricks, I tell you what.
  10. By the way, it should be At "My Golf Spy we also get our man, and his equipment!", or "My Golf Spy we also get our men, and their equipment!". So how much money do I get?
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