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  1. Try gripping the club in the same spot as the neutral position. This should give you the desired open or closed position. Eric
  2. TPC Tampa is one of my favorite courses. Every time I'm in the Tampa area I make it a point to play.
  3. I'm no expert on robots or golf clubs, but it seems to me this testing is flawed from the start and the results are useless with out more data. Naturally Wilson and Tour Edge are going to be at the top of the list, I believe they both have a sub 50g shaft in them. The robot is set to swing the same every time so the only variable is the club. So unless the robots swing is changed to compensate for the different clubs, the robot is not swinging the same. That means the lighter the club the faster the swing. MPH usually translate to more ball speed and more distance. That is the biggest fl
  4. What about sizing? How do the compare to other to other OEM's? Eric
  5. I didn't know my life was incomplete...in till now.
  6. I love your cart. Wish I lived on a course to have a ride like that. Eric
  7. I can hardly contain my excitement. I have been following this thread like it was my job for the past 57 days. Some days checking it 5 or 6 times for any information, that will reveal the answer to the ultimate question. After what seemed like an eternity I was able to get back on the golf course this past weekend. To know ones surprise my present gamer still sucked. So i ask you, no i beg of you please reveal to me the answer. Which driver will best suit a guy who swings 105 mph, likes to push and pull shots, has a tendency to come out of the swing and likes to dip (a lot) in his back s
  8. Actually the bag has 14 spots plus a putter well for a total of 15 clubs. And on another note, ball retrievers insult the clubs in your bag and slow up play.(lol)
  9. I pulled the trigger on the P3Pro system. I will write a review after it comes in and is installed. Thanks 4 the help. Eric
  10. I was wondering if any one has any experiences with home golf simulators. I have been looking at the optishot, p3 pro and the unex. I would like to hear about experience with these devices or any thing similar. Thanks Eric
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