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  1. I was looking at some of my golf books at home and came across the Pelz Bibles I had purchased many years ago. These books were published over 10 years ago and I was curious if the golfing community still felt the Pelz books had stood the test of time. Has the Pelz philosophy been pushed to the sideline by guys like Dave Stockton or Stan Utley? Thanks. Jason
  2. Depends on the company. A smaller OEM like Adams who wins the hybrid count would benefit greatly from the exposure of one of their staffers in the winners circle. Tom Watson's near win at Turnberry is a great example. Titleist who wins the ball count week in and week out and is not afraid to put the logos of other club companies in their commercials (Mahan with Ping, Harrington with Wilson) might not feel as strongly about weekly winners. Their marketing rallies around the tag line of "#1 Ball in Golf".
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. All good ideas and when the snow all melts here in St. Louis I am going to get out and hit some new irons and see if anything jumps out at me.
  4. Just like Fozcycle I have been using the Maxfli HT Tour. Dicks Sporting Goods usually runs a good sale on the Maxfli products. I don't know if I would subscribe to the "try them all" theory. Find a price per dozen that you are comfortable with and then maybe sample 3 or 4 models.
  5. I saw a picture of JD on Getty Images website yesterday and the flat screen was on. Couldn't make out the image but it was working.
  6. I have been playing the same set of beryllium copper Ping Eye2+ irons since the early 90's. I really love the irons but I think its time to move on. I was just wondering in general how much more forgiving have irons gotten in the past 20 or so years? I know that sounds like kind of a silly question but the Eye2's have always seemed very forgiving on my mis-hits and my distance has always been pretty good. Am I missing out on playing better golf and hitting more greens by still playing the Eye2's? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  7. Just thought I would throw this out there because I won a pair of sunglasses yesterday. Sundog Eyewear is giving away a free pair of sunglasses for every birdie Hunter Mahan makes this week. http://www.sundogeyewear.com. Go to the site and enter your name and email. Pretty easy stuff. Good luck spy's.
  8. As you can see I have a pretty mixed bag but right now I have a lot of respect for what Adams golf is doing. The hybrids have been a big lift to my game and I have tried to work their other products into my bag. I just picked up a YES putter after Adams purchased YES. When its time to replace my Eye 2+'s I have a strong feeling Adams will be my brand of choice.
  9. The concept is good but the look of their clubline is beyond bland.
  10. What a chance since Payne used the brass blade to win the US Open.
  11. Thanks for finding the Sassy Malassy. I was going to ask where that came from as I was scrolling thru the pics.
  12. The Pickemup putter is brutal looking. On a side note as a lefty I appreciate all the pics of lefty gear that were taken. I noticed lefty stuff in the Ping, Mizuno, and Odyssey threads and that was a nice surprise.
  13. I was messing around with a Backstryke on the putting green at my local Golf Galaxy and I haven't come across a putter with a more unnatural setup for me. I just replaced my Sabertooth with a YES Marylin and the snow needs to melt in STL fast.
  14. The Air Force One iron really looks like the Adams a4 and a7 irons.
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