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  1. Update After a few rounds, the comfort is excellent. They really do feel like street shoes. The downside, played in a light rain, and the channels between the cleats fills up with grass clippings. You need to be a little more vigilant about cleaning. On a related note, the little snap on shoe brush for the Clic Gear is really useful. It does pop off if you're a bit too aggressive wiping your shoes, but it does work great. I would still buy the Ecco's, but they're better suited for dry weather, which with a little luck we will see in Seattle sometime around August 21st.
  2. I recall a few years back another golf site tested this on a range, and did find that shots were marginally closer to the center line. Had a decent sample size, but the difference was a yard or so at 150 yds. Again this is from memory, so no guarentees... On quality balls the weight difference would be tiny. Spinning the balls at 10,000 rpm makes it more obvious, but I would imagine it's a CG that is at most a millimeter or so off center. It also depends where the weight variations occur, in the core or the cover. The cover would have mo effect on the roll or flight. All that said, I have one and use it off and on. On cheaper balls you can definately see them jump around more, and tour balls spin more smoothly. For me I would say it's more of a placebo effect. One thing I didn't care for visually was that the spin line would cut across the printed logo or line, so even after going over it with a thick sharpie, you still get conflicting visual cues. So, in the end I prefer to just draw a sharpie line over the manufacturers logo or alignment markings.
  3. That would be one awesome barbecue to be invited to. I had a small piece as part of an 11 course dinner in Japan. Best beef I ever ate.
  4. Agree wholeheartedly. A couple of years ago on a summer golf trip I pulled out 4-iron on a 320 yard par four. Couple guys look at me strange like "why aren't you hitting driver?" One hit into the canyon one hit way right and I had a smooth pitching wedge for a GIR.
  5. As problems to, this is a good one to have, having the money to bag a new set of irons plus a couple hybrids or woods. That said I'm an analytical type so this will play to my strengths. In the end it'll come down to confidence, which will come down to feel, consistency and what appeals to the eye. Ad hopefully a good story to share. Thanks for sharing all of yours.
  6. It's tough to predict just from the range how irons are going to pay on course. I loved the Callaway X-Hot and RocketBladz 7-iron on the range, but how is your game on course? I really like the idea of having a solid 200+yd iron in the bag, but I'm wondering how has it been dealing with. 117yd approach or short par 3, or dealing with 137yds halfway between clubs. I liked the feel and ball flight of the X-Hot a bit better, but thinking maybe the slightly smaller head size of the RocketBladz would play better on course. Resting a sore elbow his weekend, so lots of time to ponder these important questions...
  7. Exactly. While I tend to avoid reading comments on TheGolfChannel or other stories, just the volume is staggering. It's really a non-issue.
  8. Appears the Marshall who was actually there is contradicting North's story. http://www.sbnation.com/golf/2013/5/15/4333522/tiger-woods-lied-marshals-players-championship-2013
  9. Ecco Biom Golf Hybrid The Hybrid is Ecco's version of a cleatless or non replaceable cleat golf shoe. I've been a fan of Ecco Shoes for several years. I walked my way through Italy last summer with a pair of Biom's, after requiring orthotics previously, and suffered no foot pain. "THE AGE OF NATURAL MOTION The human body has adapted to forward motion for thousands of years, developing extraordinarily sophisticated natural systems for absorbing impact and transferring momentum – including the capacity to continually strengthen itself. BIOM shoes work by supporting and enabling these natural systems, not inhibiting them. No over-protection, excessive cushioning and motion control – only features to support Natural Motion have been kept." Comfort Having previously worn Biom's these felt immediately familiar. They were comfortable right out of the box. These wear like a pair of street shoes. Heavier and more supportive than a pair of running shoes, but not too heavy, at roughly 10oz per shoe. The nice thing about them is you can wear them to and from the course. Drove to the course, felt no different than other street shoes. Durabilty The Yak leather uppers are light and durable. In another pair of Ecco's the sole wore out long before the leather uppers. The sole is a harder compound that other Biom shoes. These promise to be very long lasting. Time will tell. Water Resistance The shoes are water resistant right out of the box, but the leather is perforated, so I would not consider these to be wet weather shoes. I did step in a marsh chasing an errant shot, and my feet did not get wet. Dirt and mud wiped clean with a damp towel. Stability Probably the most important characteristic for golf shoes. I found them to be very stable. I did not slip while swinging despite being in 'very' pre season form. If the grass had been slick I can see where you would want cleats, but for most spring/summer/fall golf they should be fine. Style Not my strong suit. To be honest my 16 year old daughter is my style consultant. She picked out the white/brick pair for me, and I have to admit they look pretty good. The shoes came with a second set of white laces if the red are not to your liking. Would I recommend these? Without reservation. Well the shoes are a bit spendy, at $190, they will last you for years. My other pair of Ecco golf shoes are five years old and are still serviceable, although long past the waterproof guarantee expiration. Would I buy these agin? Again, without reservation. I'm so sold on the Ecco Biom that I would buy any Biom model without trying them on.
  10. I have an old SG2.5 and a Nikon laser. The annual fee is the killer for me. Is it honestly that much superior to another GPS to justify the annual fee? I really think they need to reconsider the business model at SkyCaddie. I'm seriously considering a Garmin S2 watch. I never play more than a single round in a day. Simplicity, nothing hanging off the belt, which always seems to get caught on something when I ride. The Nikon is probably 7-8 years old and still going strong. Changed the battery over the winter, first time ever.
  11. Beautiful! Now maybe blue with 1942 star to represent Naval Aviation
  12. While this club is in the category I'm shopping in, and I can write and shoot a decent photo, I'm relatively new here, I don't have enough recent rounds under my belt to have even a clue what my handicap is yet, and I'm not exactly Cobra's target demographic. I defer to what appears to be a pool of talented young members who are up to this task.
  13. I'm a 6' 54yo who in the last year dropped from 195lbs to 165lbs, and daily do 500 crunches, 100 push-ups and stretching. The weight loss has helped my endurence. I'm also adding some jump rope to help with short term intensity. The older we get the easier it is to injure yourself with new activity. To paraphrase my doctor, "your muscles are still strong, but your connecting tissue doesn't have the same strength". And since I only started playing golf 10 years ago, I don't have a lifetime of hardening on the body to carry me through. I've had golfers elbow issues twice. Both time at the beginning of the season. Once severe enough so that I felt a pop in my forearm. The cause was sloppy stroke hitting into a matt with the right hand gripping too hard, and hitting too many balls too fast at the start. On the prevention side exercise helps. The forearm curls are good, I do a powerball 5 times a week. If you're not familier, it's a gyroscopic exercise tool. Pull a string to get it started and your hand motion accelerates it. Trust me, you get it spinning at 12,000 rpm (I got one with a tach) and it's a good workout. I do 3x2:00 on each hand. It's also an excellent rehab tool if you are coming back from injury. Low speed gives you a light work out, high speed ... You get the idea. If I have some elbow soreness after practice or play, I ice it, stretch, and test the area. Soreness in the forearm is one thing, but if the area where the tendons connect to the elbow is tender, that's the start of tendinitis. The time I ignored it and felt the pop in my forearms cost me two months. Took about two weeks for the soreness to go away, and then another six weeks because damages tendons need time to rebuild. To be clear, I'm not a doctor, this is just my experience, and you should consult your doctor with any questions. Edit: after reading makes me sound like fitness junkie. Reality is I was a 6' 127 lb kid in HS, and if I don't keep up with the exercise, I get back pain.
  14. Finally got out to play, probably should have picked an easier re-entry, but had a good time. Pulled a hamstring a couple weeks ago, so haven't been able to swing for a bit, so naturally i found the water and the deep woods often. But was hitting straight by the end of the round, so progress. Decided it is time to upgrade. As I'm a definite game improvement candidate, hit the G-25, JPX-825, X-hot, and Rocketbladz. Much to the chagrine of the young sales associate, I wasn't ready to buy, but surprisingly the two I liked the best were the X-hot and Rocketbladz. While the distance was fun, the trajectory was what sold me he most. Both were high, and the distance on the 7 iron was longer than my 6 iron. I just couldn't get a solid feeling with the pings. I'm wondering if the short flat configuration had something to do with that. Anyway, the kid was telling it only takes 15 minutes (probably really wanted the commission), but going to make an appointment for a full monitor fitting.
  15. Thanks, that actually makes them more attractive. Even at factory lengths they're not that much longer than my Mizuno's at 1/2" over, but it would be better at 1/4" over and another degree upright. A few rounds to get into form...
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