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  1. Extra shaft length: my problem with TaylorMade Burner Superfast (last yrs model) was that it was too inconsistent for me. This came down (I believe) to the length of the shaft. I've since changed/traded this for a fairly forgiving Mizuno JPX-800 driver that is about an inch shorter. This (non-adjustable, dark head head with white shaft/grip) is easy to hit and is as long I've found as the Burner. Perhaps the distance comparison comes down to hitting the thing better and more consistently. Nevertheless - in an amateur golfer's world - distance comes from hitting the club properly. It's not gained from the longest, latest, hottest-of-the-face model. It's gained from whichever club fits best for you. And that's my gripe with the RAZR driver - shaft is too long. Maybe for a better player it's a different prospect, but not for me.
  2. I saw in a magazine that UA are launching a base layer range (short and long sleeves) that will help to counter back pain. I suffer from a bad lower back as a result of playing too much rugby. Has anyone seen these or tried them out, and if so are they a worthy investment?
  3. Price is one thing and it is a valid complaint. However for a putter (probably moreso than any other club in the bag) it's a pride thing. It's a 'how much do you desire this short stick' thing. I have 2 putters that I rotate - Odyssey White Ice #1; Scotty Studio Design #5. Both perform well for me and provided I warm-up on the putting green I notice no effect on my game by switching. I desire however - in fact you could say that I would do a lot of bad things to get one - a brand new, Scotty California with that honey-coated finished in Del Mar. That would never leave my bag. I would look down upon it with delight, I would treasure it and nurture it and so help the dog if it even so much as thought about raising its leg against it. For a putter it isn't a matter of price or a matter of how it performs versus other models. It's about how it stirs your loins. More than a club.
  4. I've heard that if someone takes a regular length shaft and then adds an extension plug to lengthen the club, this will reduce the stiffness of that shaft? Could someone in the know advise about this please? Specifically for irons if possible. Thanks
  5. Love the look of that Protype. I suspect if I were to post UK release dates you lads would get confused... what month is the 15th month of the year?
  6. Amazed that a tour player uses the AP2 irons. I can understand the logic behind it, and it is a great club - loads of forgiveness and enough workability... but, still, you're a pro!!! Good to see ol' Nick using Muiras! Brings a bit of balance to the world!
  7. I'm not especially brand loyal, but chose Titleist. Were I torn between two clubs of similar performance and price, Titleist would win out for me. I've gone (irons wise) from MD > Taylormade Burner Plus > Titleist AP1 > Mizuno JPX-800 Of these the AP1s as a club are definitely my favourite. Trouble was I wasn't properly fit when I purchased the AP1s, and when I got offered a free fitting and found out that I needed a longer club with a few degrees upright, I was able to get the new Mizuno irons at no extra charge for Project X shafts, multi-compound Golf Pride grips, and the lie/length being right. To get this for Titleist AP1s would have added serious cost to the purchase. Having the existing set modified would have been silly expense also. However - I fully intend as I progress as a player to look out for a set of AP2s or if it gets to that stage - MBs or something from their Z line... Putter wise Scottys have grabbed me by the balls. I have a Studio Design No. 5, I would sleep with this if my wife hadn't put the foot down and banned golf equipment from the bedroom... I also have an Odyssey White Ice No. 2 and I'll play with both - depending on how I feel really... I've also which is a bit of a prized possession an Achusnet Bulls Eye putter and this is good fun to use. Am currently looking at a 910 fairway... I have a Titleist pencil bag, umbrella, wear their gloves, winter mitts, play their balls... So much about Titleist appeals to me. There is something about Titleist that comes across as superior or classy without being in-yo-face!!! The stylish players on tour use Titleist - Watney, Adam Scott, Rory, Ricky Fowler... Mizuno also appeals to me and you'll never hear a bad word about their products. Think Taylormade or Callaway with adverts in every golfing magazine you read, or Nike... Ping would appeal to me but the K15 irons are bulldog-butt-ugly and for some reason I have never warmed to the G15s even though anytime I have tried them I've hit them well... In my bag or in my surplus collection you'll find Taylormade, Mizuno, Nike, Titliest, Ping, Odyssey, Cleveland, Benross, MD. Hard to be brand-loyal and I see no reason for being so. But rather than select other for this reason, I've gone with Titleist as it genuinely would be my fave brand.
  8. $349.99 - compared to what price for the standard S3? (not from the states, £££ proper money!)
  9. Interesting to see the driver lofts - 8.5 and 10.5 at the Cadillac, all the way up to an 11.5 in PR...
  10. I have 3 bags. Ping 4 Under for carrying. Some Nike 14 divider for a trolley Titleist pencil bag for 9 holes in the summer/driving range - throw a few clubs in and head out... Ping 4 under is awesome. Mine is mostly red with some white and black trim. Previously had a taylormade stand bag. legs didnt last very long, was heavy, strap system was poor. Ping straps will take a bit of getting used to, but the winner for me.
  11. meh... yes and no... if you're a 5 handicapper with equipment that is vintage, how would you score with new, hot-off-the-face, little-bit-of-forgiveness-thrown-in, Titleist 710 MBs with a shaft that is entirely fitted and right for you? golf is more than shooting a score, and the satisfaction of defying your peers and playing well with such equipment probably outwieghs any satisfaction you'd get in shaving a few strokes with new gear. the obvious pride in your clubs suggests this. i think it proves that not everyone needs the latest equipment to enjoy their golf. I dont see how it suggests that the hot lists etc are all wrong - any player would benefit (score-wise) from the right clubs in their hands.
  12. Amazes me the number of players who are contracted to big manufacturers who use an Adams hybrid. EG Sabbatini is entirely an Adidas/Taylormade guy - right down to the shirt on his back and the shoes on his feet; yet he uses an Adams hybrid Ricky Fowler I think also uses one and he's Titleist thru and thru... All credit to Adams I guess for finding their niche and doing so well in it
  13. WGC this week - going out according to world ranking. so in one group - Luke Donald Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer. In another group - TW, Phil Mickelson and Graeme McDowell Can we expect more of what the Match Play threw up for TV coverage - ie the Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson show - and very little of Martin Kaymer (current in-form best golfer on the planet), Luke who won the matchplay, and Westwood who held #1 ranking for about 3 months? Throw in the US Open Champion into their 3 ball and I'm guessing you'll see more of these 3 walking the fairways after their balls, than you will of the entire rest of the field actually hitting shots!
  14. Update: I'm definitely seeing worth in practicing with the blades. They aren't even close to be long clubs - a good 9 iron will just clear 100 yards while my JPX-800 9 iron will easily give me 120 yards. They are however early 80s clubs... While not long though I'm finding that I am able to hit these extremely accurately and to the same distance every time, apart from the odd poor connection. When I then play with the Mizunos, I am making a really good contact and am hitting the ball straight at the pin. Using the blades I'm also learning how to draw the ball and control a fade - and am able to then replicate this with the Mizunos - albeit not as much control doing this with the much more forgiving club. I was discussing this with the guy in the pro-shop from whom I purchased the Mizunos. He fully agreed with the notion and suggested that when he was in his teens using blades and messing about on the course - trying to hit crazy draws and fades etc made him a much better player. My view seems to be that for the golfer who wants to continue improving and plays the game without worrying too much about the score on their card - blades or thinner clubs are the way to go. If however you're after forgiveness and it's all about the number on the card - then go forgiving.
  15. Which do TM claim is longer? R11 has all of the adjustability, but they seem to pitch the Burner Superfast 2.0 as our lightest longest etc driver ever, which equals more distance... I think Luke Donald is using Burner 2.0... Kaymer still using a version of the R9 as far as Im aware personally - i've played with the Burner Superfast 2010 model. It went a long way but I found it too inconsistent - not a good enough golfer I guess but the longer shaft for me made it tough to control... I far preferred the R9 460 I previously had as I was a lot more consistent, albeit not as long. I've now ditched both however in favour of Mizuno's JPX-800 driver. Not adjustable but I hit it really well time after time so cannot complain. Were I to buy one of TM's new big dogs, it would be the R11 purely for it's adjustability. But that said there are plenty of other adjustable drivers out there and I am still not convinced I wouldnt be laughed out of the place if I pulled a white driver out of my bag on the first tee (think a watered down, small scale, 16th at Phoenix Waste Management...)
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