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  1. 1.Toy Story 3 2. Snatch 3. Blood Diamond 4. Dr. Strangelove 5. The Departed 6. Master and Commander 7. The Lord of the Rings (trilogy) 8. Wyatt Earp 9. Shutter Island 10. The Pianist
  2. Ok thank you guys for the replies, I really appreciate it. I guess I will just let them go as is I would hate to mess with them and change the way they play. I guess it's just my crazy need to tinker with my golf equipment I have done it before and not been happy with the result. Thanks again Paul
  3. No don't get me wrong I really love the way they play for me, not so much the look of the shafts. They are kind of ugly to be honest and I know I'm being nitpicky, but can you refinish/paint graphite shafts? Oh well I'm sure I will adjust to them was really wondering if it's possible to change the way they look.
  4. The most memorable one for me would be a winding downhill 30' putt for par on a par 3. It was a real momentum saver after a terrible tee shot followed by a horrible chip.
  5. Ok so I was looking around at a local pro shop and there were a ton of used irons there so I decided to try a bunch(callaway xhot, ping g20, ping g25, ping rapture). Ok long story short the g20 and the raptures were some of the best irons for me that I have ever hit forgiving and very long. Both of these had the stock graphite shafts. So I decided to trade my irons in for the set of raptures they are a used demo set 4-sw the grips are in great condition and so are the heads and grooves. My question is could I have the shafts from the g20 put into the older raptures. Or what would be a simi
  6. Hey guys Ok so I found a 6 gram weight at a local pro shop and decided to buy it for some unscientific testing.(it only cost me a couple bucks so no big deal). My previous setup was the 10 gram weight in the heel and the 1gram weight in the toe. Ok so my test went as follows I was on a empty course and over the course of nine holes I would hit my driver with the stock setup and one drive with the 6 gram in place of the 10 gram weight. Basically both drives went the same distance( no shock there), but here is the interesting thing on the back nine I decided to try something different I pu
  7. Ok first of all thank you for the informative replies. Now if I understood this all correctly the amount of weight is so negligible that my swing speed won't increase by using lighter weights. Having said that in theory if I put a lighter weight in and drop the swing weight down to a level that I am more comfortable with, or one that is more efficient for me I could swing the club faster(in theory of course). However I fully understand that any gain would most likely be minimal I really just like to tinker and try new things. I may be interested in hitting you guys up on your offer to try y
  8. Hello everybody I have a taylormade r1 and I was wondering about the interchangeable weights for the driver. I know they make different weights for them and being a slower swinger (mid 80's) would I benefit in replacing the 10g weight with say a 6g or a 4g weight? Would it be possible to gain any distance doing that or I guess what harm could come from me doing this. Btw I have always felt it was a little head heavy for my taste. Thanks Paul
  9. Hey everybody, I just want to say thanks for all the responses to my post. I am glad there are so many of you that support my choice of moving up to play with my dad. Like some of you said I need to make the most of the time I have with him because he won't be here forever, I just need to make the most out of every round I have with him. Happy Independence Day Paul
  10. Hey everybody, I just had a quick question I golf with my dad once a week, and he plays from the senior tee boxes while I usually play a tee box farther back. My father gets embarrassed that he is playing a shorter set. Is there anything wrong with me playing the senior set with him to make him more at ease when we play our weekly round? Would any of you get upset by seeing someone in their late 20's playing the senior tee's? I was just curious as to what you guys think I will most likely keep playing right along side my dad was just wondering if any of you play a shorter set to get a
  11. Thanks for the quick replies the golfsmith in Columbus would be the most realistic option of those. I just don't think I could make Philly a reasonable sell to my wife, but I will try. And Matt I have a question for you if I can't make it to philadelphia should I just keep using a off the rack driver? Thanks again Paul
  12. Hello everybody I am wanting to go get fitted for a driver I am trying to decide where to have this done. I live in western Ohio and my options as far as I know are dicks sporting goods, golf galaxy and bobicks golf(golf store in ft. Wayne). I know there are several smaller closer options but they don't have track man or any high tech gear of any type. The big three that I named first are all about 65 miles at best from my house. So which would you go to and why? Thanks Paul
  13. I just want to say thanks to everyone for their welcome to me. It would be hard not to feel at ease here. I feel confident if I have any questions about anything golf related you all will be willing to give your advice and opinions.(I will be greatful for any you may have as I am still a beginner in this great game) Thanks again. Paul
  14. This could be confusing especially since we have the same initials. Thanks for the welcome. Paul
  15. Hello, My name is Paul and I just wanted to introduce myself. I am from western Ohio and I love to golf and read about anything golf related. I have been reading this forum for a while now and finally decided to join, I am very excited about being a member of a forum with an incredibly vast amount of knowledge in the membership. Anyways just wanted to say hello and get my foot in the door. Have a good day Paul
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