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  1. Still the anser style and my trusty 350milled f.f.
  2. can you tell me details on it and possibly pics? know the age of it? and price of course. I am getting ready to pull trigger on the new digital, but you never know... thanks, Lee
  3. We are going to have a "Shop Series" before the year is out to be sold through select clubmakers. Pictured is the Cavity and Sole Engraving that will be on these putters. The Bottom Putter in the Cavity Picture is what we are likely going with for this engraving location. The Cavity/Sole will be the only engraving and these will be kept in stock finished to be built and shipped on just a couple days notice. We will only stamp initials on these if requested. We will make them available as heads to other clubmakers to be fit and built to spec. These are raw carbon CL-II's that need to be finished and painted. . We will be offering this in the CL-I, CL-II, and CL-FN models. Lee hoganapex@hotmail.com
  4. My Thoughts....... I want to see the salesmen's face when they get the news they need to sell these.........
  5. I had it as small as you can get it in picasa, so I am not sure what the deal is..
  6. How bout some real plates guys! You Know I am Co_Owner of C & L Milled Putters. I added this one just a few months ago to my Honda. Lee ok, the pics aren't attaching correctly. I'll try to figure it out.
  7. Will have to get some pics later. Driver is currently rotated with a Ping I15 with Motore Speeder or a Cobra ZL. Fairways are 3 and 4 wood Adams fp2400 with Motore Hybrids are 19 and 21 Sonartec MD's with Fuji 904 HB Irons are Miura CB 202 4-PW with Nippon 1150 tour Wedges are a rotating mix of spin milled vokey and callawy X forged 54/58 Putter is either a C&L 350 Milled CL-I Floating Face or a CL-M hand ground to a mid mallet with welded plumber neck. Lee
  8. Very happy with a Bushnell 1600 TE right now.........But is was a replacment from Bushnell because the 1500 kept failing. I would like to try a gps, but I play a few state events and have to stick with the laser. lee
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