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  1. I read The Slot Swing by Jim Mclean. It contained drills that you could practice at home or on the course and range. Learned a lot. I'm thinking of getting The Eight Step Swing, also by Jim Mclean.
  2. In the simulator I have tried the Cobra S2, Nike SQ Machseed, and The Adams Mens Speedline 9064LS. As far as feel and sound, I like the Adams and Cobra the best. The Nike didn't feel or sound very pleasing to me. Will be testing a few more out in the days, weeks to come. And will have to take these clubs to test outside on the range.
  3. I have been shopping around for a new driver. With all the new equipment, and the new looks, I just can't make up my mind. I have considered the Cobra S2, the Nike Machspeed, and the Taylormade Burner Superfast. Anyone out there have any suggestions for me? Would much appreciate the input. Thank's!
  4. I have been doing the setup you described above for about 4 years now. Works well for me. Hit the ball well using this method. I am 50, so the hips don't turn so easily anymore.
  5. The FG62 are Beautiful! The topline is Gorgeous! Will be on my wish list!
  6. Every golfer can always use a nice Big Towel!
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